Six Months with Windows 8 White Paper: New Microsoft OS Proved it is Secure

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ESET, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, announces the release of a new White Paper “Six Months with Windows® 8.” Using the ESET Live Grid® telemetry, ESET found the following share of Windows usage: Windows 8 was adopted by 3 % of its customers, while Windows Vista™ by 4 % of its users, Windows XP by 44 %, Windows 7 by 49 %. A small percentage uses Windows NT® 4.0 and Windows 2000. Even though the security of the new operating system was the subject of many discussions before launch, Windows 8 is on track with ESET’s earlier prediction that it would be the most secure version of Windows ever. You can read more in the White Paper “Six Months with Windows® 8” by Aryeh Goretsky, ESET Distinguished Researcher.