ESET Releases Decryptor for Recent Variants of TeslaCrypt Ransomware

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ESET® released a decryptor for recent variants of the TeslaCrypt ransomware. If you have been infected by one of the new variants (v3 or v4) of the notorious ransomware TeslaCrypt and the encrypted files have the extensions .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .mp3 or remained unchanged, then ESET has good news for you.

Recently, TeslaCrypt’s operators have announced they are wrapping up their malicious activities. On this occasion, one of ESET’s analysts anonymously contacted the group, using the official support channel offered to the ransomware victims by the TeslaCrypt’s operators and requested the universal master decryption key.

Surprisingly, they made it public.

This has allowed ESET to promptly create a free decrypting tool capable of unlocking files affected by all variants of this ransomware. For instructions on how to use the decryptor, please visit ESET Knowledgebase website.

It is important to note that ransomware remains one of the most prevalent forms of internet threats and prevention is essential to keep users safe. Therefore, usersshould keep their operating system and software updated, use a reliable security solution with multiple layers of protection, and regularly backup all important and valuable data at an offline location (such as external storage).

We also advise users to be careful when clicking on links or files in their email or browser. Especially, if they have received a message from an unknown source or it looks otherwise suspicious. For more information on how to stay safe online, please visit