Did you know?

Cloud-based console can be more cost-effective and save your business money in the long run

of cloud

Ideal for small businesses up to 250 devices

Set up and deploy within minutes

Always up to date, with the latest version

Single point of network security management

Secure access via web browser from anywhere

Reduces costs as there is no need for additional hardware, software, app patching or personnel

Check how much you will save with cloud compared to on-premise

ESET PROTECT is our unified cybersecurity platform which provides superior network visibility and integrates balanced breach prevention, detection and response capabilities.

  • Multiplatform coverage 
  • Automation framework
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Android & iOS MDM support
  • Proven and trusted

Frequently asked questions

Are cloud solutions more expensive than on-premises?

The purchase price might be higher but you can save on electricity, backups and personnel time.

Are cloud solutions safe?

ESET’s robust defenses mean data stored in the cloud can be safer than data stored locally.

Do cloud solutions meet compliance requirements?

Yes, using the right security provider means cloud solutions can actually make it easier to meet specific compliance standards.

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Do you have any other concerns?