2016 ESET ANZ Cyber Savviness Report #1

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Long gone are the days when cybersecurity was of concern only to experts and IT professionals.

Nowadays, cybersecurity affects every part of our lives, be it at home, at work, or anywhere in between.

With more than a billion smartphone users across Asia-Pacific, we are more connected — and therefore more open to risk — than ever before.

Cyberattacks across the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region are growing in complexity and volume every day. It is critical that consumers and businesses alike are not only aware of cybersecurity best practices, but take precautions to implement them in their daily online interactions.

This will assist in limiting the capabilities and successes of e-criminals locally and around the world.

This whitepaper outlines the findings of a survey, conducted by ESET, of 1,305 ANZ online users, and reveals the differences in cyber-savviness between different generations, genders, locations, and more.

We include:

• Analysis of online users’ cyber-savviness and online behaviours

• Analysis of online users’ top concerns now and for the future

• Tips on cybersecurity best practices

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