2016 MWC Business Surveys

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This report summarizes the most important findings of a series of recent surveys that ESET has conducted in the EMEA region, focusing on businesses.

One of the most notable findings is that malware infection is reported as the most frequent security incident, mentioned by 59% of all respondents.

The data also prove that almost all companies are trying hard to mitigate cyber security risks by applying various protective systems. Over 98% of all the respondents polled report using at least one security solution, of which antivirus was the most common.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that firms are not paying enough attention to the security of mobile devices, with only 21% of them using a mobile security solution.

The size of the firms also seems to be a significant factor when it comes to the variety of IT security solutions implemented. Bigger firms come out of the poll as more responsible, investing more money in keeping their sensitive data and systems protected.

Another interesting finding is that only 38% of all EMEA respondents consider their company’s budget for cyber security to be sufficient.