Unilicense: Covers all operating systems
in a mixed network

How is ESET Unilicense applied?ESET Licensing Scheme

Unilicense covers most popular computer, smartphone and tablet and File Server operating systems, allowing to mix and match endpoint protection among the below mentioned devices. You can switch to a different platform without having to purchase additional licenses.

Unilicense coverage of Operating systems:
Computer: Windows, Mac, Linux
Smartphone and Tablet: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile
File Server: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris

Mix and Match
the Licenses As Needed

The main benefit of ESET Unilicense is flexibility. ESET Unilicense covers all the bases allowing you to mix and match endpoint protection according to your actual needs – without wasting a single license.

Less than or equal to 25 seats:
Applies to these endpoints:
Desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, terminals, virtual machines, smartphones and tablets.

More than 25 seats:
Applies to all of the above + file servers.

Switch to a Different Platform Anytime

With ESET Unilicense you are completely free to switch the protection from one platform to another. You can do so anytime during the license term, without having to purchase additional licenses.

Suppose the computer is running a Windows OS and you decide to switch to Linux. With a valid ESET license, you can download and install e.g. ESET solution for Linux Desktop on the same machine, using the same license credentials supplied with the original purchase.

Transfer a License
to Another Computer

In addition, you can transfer a valid ESET license to a completely new computer, provided you cease using the old one. The transfer includes switching from one OS to another as well.

Suppose you decide to stop using an ESET-protected computer with a Windows operating system, and get a new Mac. To protect the new Mac with ESET, just transfer the license from the Windows machine you stopped using - and simply install an ESET solution for Mac.