Premium Support

Help, whenever you need it

Get prompt assistance from ESET at any hour of the day or night, including weekends and public holidays.



Right from the start

Expert help to set up your ESET IT security products right from their installation. Using ESET Premium Support greatly lowers the number of potential issues down the line.

Always available

The world’s best professional support – backed by ESET’s teams of renowned researchers, operating across the globe – is available 24/7/365 to address your IT security setup and deployment needs and issues.

Business continuity

ESET products are designed to be intuitive and come with comprehensive documentation. Still, having ESET expertise on hand reduces the risks of any downtime or gaps in vital operations.

An immediate response

Tickets that could otherwise take longer are resolved fast with ESET Premium Support. Thanks to strict SLAs, even those issues requiring involvement from the development team are fast-tracked for priority resolution.

Pain-free security

With ESET Premium Support, your organization gets a fast, guaranteed response when you need it. We work with your IT teams to tailor our response to your environment. And in the event of an incident, we are here to help.

Fine-tune your protection

Take advantage of our HealthCheck service (part of ESET Premium Support Advanced) to review and fine-tune ESET IT security products that were previously deployed in your environment.

Premium Support service

When it comes to deploying comprehensive IT security, rely on ESET to supply the expertise you need. We guarantee responsive, tailored support that will reduce the risk of any interruption in operational continuity. Find out exactly how Premium Support services can help you get the most out of the ESET IT security deployed across your organization.

Compare ESET Premium Support tiers



Critical severity (A) response time Get a response within 2 hours for “A” level issues. The response will comprise solution/workaround, additional data request or confirmation of work.

2 hours

2 hours

Serious severity (B) response time Get a response within 4 hours for “B” level issues. The response will comprise solution/workaround, additional data request or confirmation of work.

4 hours

4 hours

Common severity (C) response time Get a response within 1 workday for “C” level issues. The response will comprise solution/workaround, additional data request or confirmation of work.

1 workday

1 workday

Support availability Premium Support is available 24/7/365, ensuring you have continuous access to the world’s best professional support to address your IT security setup and deployment needs and issues.



Caller entry point Get straight through to an ESET expert, according to your service tier.

ESET Tech Support

ESET Tech Support

Customer contacts You get to nominate which of your employees should be contacted by ESET regarding the service you have signed up for. There is no limit to the number of employees you may nominate.



Priority call queuing As a Premium Support subscriber, your call will get priority attention compared to general technical support calls.

Tickets eligible for premium treatment Premium Support Advanced subscribers may submit any number of tickets eligible for premium treatment at any time.


Dedicated account manager A dedicated ESET specialist will be assigned to your account and will proactively check that subscription services are being delivered.

Priority access to development teams Tickets from Premium Support customers that require further investigation are sent directly to ESET development teams.

Proactive informative services You will receive prompt notification if ESET discovers any product incompatibility issues because of OS updates or other technical changes.

Deployment and Upgrade Ensures the effective functioning of ESET business products. Installation and configuration performed by experienced and certified ESET professionals.

1 session

HealthCheck Verifies how effectively a product was set up and how well the initial settings were adjusted to improve the operation of ESET products.

1 session

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Committed to the highest industry standards

ESET is a 'Major Player' in modern endpoint security IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security for Enterprises 2021 Vendor Assessment.

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ESET was awarded in multiple independent tests  

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ESET is a ‘Top Player’ in endpoint security Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection - Market Quadrant 2021

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ESET is appreciated by customers worldwide

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ESET is among 'Established Vendors' in endpoint protection

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What customers appreciate

"We were most impressed with the support and assistance we received. In addition to being a great product, the excellent care and support we got was what really led us to move all of Primoris’ systems to ESET as a whole."

Joshua Collins,
Data Center Operations Manager; Primoris Services Corporation, USA; 4.000+ seats
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"I love how it is designed with advanced machine learning and behavior learning technology that learns from the previous attacks and whenever the system is attacked from the same source, it is detected and removed before penetrating my system. All kinds of viruses, malicious activities and different online threats are completely identified and then removed from my system very efficiently."

Sarah C., G2 review

"The ESET Inspect ensures protections against malicious activity, threats from no file viruses and let the security teams to detect APTs. All of this is achieved through algorithms of machine learning and behavioral learning or through the endpoint low level system data collected. This software is capable enough to perform root cause and forensic analysis, threat hunt, and configure attack indicators."

Herry K., G2 review

"The biggest thing that stands out is its strong technical advantage over other products in the marketplace. ESET offers us reliable security, meaning that I can work on any project at any time knowing our computers are protected 100%."

Fiona Garland, Business Analyst, Mercury Engineering, Construction, Materials and Natural Resources
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"I would definitely recommend ESET to other companies based on performance but also the support too, which is great. I think the manageability is the best you can get."

Mark Kaiser, IT Specialist, Unigarant, Finance & Insurance
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Premium Support

Get prompt assistance from ESET at any hour of the day or night, including weekends and public holidays.

  • We’ll help set up your ESET products to minimize potential issues down the line
  • Pain free security – get fast, guaranteed responses
  • Always available – get support 24/7/365

Leave us your contact details to receive an offer tailored to your company's needs.

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more than 4,000 mailboxes

Protected by ESET since 2016
more than 32,000 endpoints

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Security Services

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