ESET Enterprise Inspector

Discover and eliminate APTs and Targeted Attacks

ESET Enterprise Inspector is an Endpoint Detection and Response tool which uses advanced techniques to monitor and evaluate suspicious processes and behavior, policy violations, and anomalies, and provides detailed information and response options in the event of security incidents.

Gathering the data

ESET Enterprise Inspector gathers detailed data about activities on the endpoint. The data is aggregated and stored in a searchable format with extensive filtering possibilities on the server and evaluated in real time.

Endpoint protection

Understanding the data

ESET Enterprise Inspector is able to connect the dots – to discover correlations of otherwise safe processes, files or activities, evaluate them in a complex relationship manner and thus detect hidden threats or weak points of the security.


Any suspicious process can be blocked and infected endpoint can be quarantined from the rest of the network and its communication isolated to only internal systems or ESET Enterprise Inspector management server.

ESET Remote Administrator

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