Discoveries serving cybersecurity

Hundreds of experts in ESET's 13 R&D centers all around the world are busy every day anticipating new threats and ensuring that ESET protection is always ready for the next step of progress in technology.

Our proprietary research delivers exclusive benefits to ESET users. Globally significant discoveries like Industroyer, KrØØk and Lojax provide advance warning of threats, and mean ESET’s research teams are widely recognized by leading technology media worldwide.

ESET’s world-class security researchers share elite know-how and intelligence to ensure our users benefit from optimum, round-the-clock threat intelligence. They are the best threat hunters on the planet, trusted by governments, organizations and analysts alike.

In these trying times, threat intelligence is becoming increasingly necessary to help protect what matters most.

We are proud to be included in IDC’s report on threat intelligence vendors. As a privately owned, tech-focused company, we have always taken a science-based, security-first approach to developing the global threat intelligence systems fueling our solutions.