Ransomware is on the rise

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In the past few years, criminal gangs creating this type of malwareand running ransomware as a service have been developing a different, more targeted approach to these types of attacks – one for which metrics are much harder to obtain. Cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive and show persistent efforts to discover any weakness in your IT security systems – attacking databases, web servers and smartphones. Brute-force attacks on the remote desktop protocol (RDP), or DDoS attacks against a company’s website, are only a mere snippet of what is happening now.


SMBs are increasingly becoming attractive targets for ransomware attacks. Why? Because these businesses accumulate more valuable data than individual consumers, and at the same time, they lack the robust security measures employed by large corporations or institutions. When it comes to SMBs, these factors act as a “sweet spot” for cybercriminals, and they elevate the risk of ransomware attacks. In addition, because SMB managers often don’t see their companies as potential targets, they may not regularly back up their vital data, leaving them less prepared for ransomware attacks.

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