Increasing Cybercrime Threats Daily Mean No One Is Immune

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Increasing cyber security threats are throttling businesses and holding citizens to ransom. The rapid shift to full remote working and accelerated digital transformation has left many organisations and end-users vulnerable to a new wave of sophisticated online security threats.   

A lack of adequate protection and a shortage of cyber security experts globally has created an environment for cybercrime to flourish. 

Steve Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director for ESET Southern Africa, says that immediately implementing adequate and proactive threat protection solutions is required. “Threat protection can feel like a massive undertaking which requires long development and implementation times, or for the end-users, something that they feel might never affect them, but the reality has proven otherwise, but the good news is that it’s easier than one might anticipate,” says Flynn.    

Recently, in two separate AV-Comparatives tests, ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has been awarded top marks for both its business and consumer offerings. AV-Comparatives is a leading independent testing organisation, well-known for offering innovative real-world environment testing, has subjected ESET’s enterprise solution to hacking and penetration techniques that allow attackers to access internal computer systems and which mimic threats used in the real world.

The ESET PROTECT Cloud solution ranked at the top among competitors in the AV-Comparatives Advanced Threat Protection Test – Enterprise. And ESET Internet Security for consumers was a high achiever in the AV-Comparatives Advanced Threat Protection Test – Consumer

ESET PROTECT Cloud came out of this rigorous testing with AV-Comparatives’ certification for Advanced Threat Protection, which is awarded to products that pass.  In ESET’s case, the product not only passed but also achieved the top results among its competitors, being the only solution that detected 14 out of the 15 attack scenarios. 

ESET’s consumer solution was also put through rigorous testing in a separate AV-Comparatives test, which aimed to uncover how well the solution can protect the end-user rather than simply detect threats. ESET Internet Security achieved solid marks for its protection and was awarded the Advanced Threat Protection certification Advanced+ level.  

Flynn, commented on the achievement, “No cyber security solution is perfect, but at ESET we always strive to be the best, and we are delighted to see that a highly respected independent testing organisation like AV-Comparatives confirms that we are delivering on our promise.”

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