Cybersecurity & SMBs in October Spotlight

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We think it’s entirely appropriate that October is both Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Small & Medium Sized Business (SMB) Month in Canada, because not only are both worthy areas of focus, the two also go hand-in-glove in the 21st century.

SMBs of all descriptions are entirely dependent on the digital world, for marketing, networking and connecting to new business opportunities. And yet, because of their smaller stature, many are not likely to have deep resources in IT overall, and cybersecurity in particular.

A 2017 ESET survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, found that 30 percent of respondents have never received any form of cyber security training or education in the workplace, and that smaller businesses often don’t have funds to purchase cybersecurity training for their employees.

It’s the perfect time to be reminded of the importance of protecting SMBs from the latest forms of cyberthreats, including malware and ransomware, which can literally hold an entire operation hostage.

Just as many hands make light work, many eyes on potential cybersecurity threats make for the best possible protection for small and mid-sized businesses. At ESET, we make it that much easier to operationalize through our highly effective, fun and interactive – and absolutely free – Cybersecurity Awareness Training program.

A far cry from some of the stodgy, dull online training offerings, ESET’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training is gamified – putting your team members into a digital persona, charged with touring various parts of a virtual business office to identify potential threats and deficiencies in password protection, email-borne threats, internet protection and other possible entry points. More than 12,000 employees from various business and industries have taken the ESET training.

Since most cybersecurity breaches in business are the result of human error, getting your full team engaged in understanding both the dangers and best practices – regardless of their specific job function – is the best form of protection for your business.

Another way to turn your staff into cybersecurity ninjas is by taking part in our upcoming Great Takedown events in Toronto and Mississauga, where teams compete against each other for points and prizes in an escape room type challenge to find clues, solve puzzles and take down a dangerous cybercriminal.

By making it fun, interactive – and free – educating employees on cybersecurity truly offers your best defense against having your business compromised. As leaders in cyber safety, at ESET we feel a special responsibility to help empower SMBs – and businesses of any size – to be the most protected they can be and enjoy safer technology.