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Managed Detection & Response
services from ESET

ESET offers managed services for SMB and Enterprise customers. ESET MDR and ESET Detection & Response Ultimate are 24/7 threat management services, using AI and human expertise to deliver world-class ransomware protection without the need to maintain in-house security specialists.

Strengthening security readiness

Accelerate your threat detection, investigation and response capabilities with ESET’s cybersecurity expertise. ESET is part of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) and collaborates with the FBI.

Experienced Threat Hunters

Your business is protected 24/7 by human experts. ESET threat hunters monitor active campaigns by malware groups and continuously evaluate detections, providing you with another layer of threat hunting.

Cross-industry insights

Get access to a pre-built, customisable library of detection behavior patterns that helps you to build a new set of behavior rules.

First to see, first to detect Geographically unique coverage has allowed ESET to be the first to detect numerous threats that are now well known.

 emerging threat detection for APTs, cyber crime and zero-days
due to our own threat telemetry and threat intelligence research.

ESET MDR is our 24/7 threat management service designed to provide SMBs with sophisticated protection.

Leverage ESET’s cybersecurity expertise with immediate AI-powered threat detection and response. Achieve industry-leading protection without needing in-house security specialists, and eliminate data-organization bottlenecks that can hinder effective detection and response.

ESET Detection & Response Ultimate provides you with what is effectively an Enterprise-class SOC.

ESET’s experienced threat hunters will deliver proactive Threat Hunting and Threat Monitoring, help you to analyze security incidents, and perform immediate mitigation steps. Enhance your security posture with 24/7 human-led service, and get tailored assistance like Digital Forensic Incident
Response (DFIR).

We lead in MDR!

ESET is a Market Leader and an Overall Leader in MDR, according to the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2023

Royal Swinkels Brewery
hops onto MDR

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers decided that Managed Detection and Response would be the best level of security for its operation. After choosing MDR from ESET, the second largest brewery in the Netherlands now has qualified IT security experts available 24/7, filtering alerts and monitoring its IT environment.

ESET's managed detection and response (MDR) services


Managed Detection & Response

ESET Detection & Response Ultimate

Premium Managed Detection & Response + DFIR assistance

Global Threat Intelligence Team By your side, with knowledge of all the most important emerging threat detections for cyber crime, APTs and zero-days – and constantly implementing measures to counter them.

Active Campaign Hunting Even if you don’t have the time or resources to monitor active campaigns by malware groups, ESET experts are doing so proactively.

Continual Improvement and
Automation You are always protected. Continually tests detection and response mechanisms, updating where necessary.

Advanced Signal Hunting Library Entitles you to access sophisticated behavior patterns that can be further tailored to your environment.

Behavior Patterns and Exclusions Optimization Behavior patterns and exclusions, optimized and customized to align with your environment.

Continuous Expert-Led Threat Hunting ESET security experts continuously evaluate and correlate detection via a structured and mapped incident, providing you with another layer of threat hunting.

Tailored Reporting You’ll receive, automatically or on-demand, reports about incidents (pending and resolved), the status of your environment, and other updates flowing from ESET MDR services.

24/7 Expert-Led Continuous Monitoring, Hunting, Triage and Response Your environment is also protected by a 24/7 human-led service that leverages IoC, IoA, UEBA, AI, and comprehensive internal and external TI feeds. This service is designed to decloak and reveal malicious activity, and perform containment and eradication actions, to prevent serious damage.

Dedicated Incident Response Lead In case of an incident, an ESET specialist can, with your cooperation, provide you with complete end-to-end resolution of the issue.

Historical Threat Hunting Benefit from complex, hypothesis-driven threat hunting that uses deep analysis, historical data, and observation of potential threat actors to pre-empt attacks.

Deployment & Upgrade Have your newly purchased ESET product installed and your existing ESET product upgraded to a later version – by our in-house specialists based on your specific environment and needs.

Expert Assistance for MDR Alerts, with More Context Guidance from a security expert and full-spectrum IT security assistance to make the most of ESET Detection & Response Ultimate – at a time that suits you.

Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) Assistance In the event of an incident or identified threat, a dedicated ESET expert is available to provide you with a consultation, which can result in a detailed file analysis or digital forensic analysis, where appropriate.

Malware Detection Support Allows you to communicate any detection problems, and suspected misses or false positives, directly to ESET experts, who will use the data to tailor your custom detection rules to meet your specific needs and environment.

Malware File Expert Analysis Receive a tailored response from ESET experts. Consultations are provided, potentially leading to file or digital forensic analyses.

Customized Threat Hunting for All Current Threats Benefit from customized threat hunting on a recurring basis, focused on current global trending threats.

Attack Vectors Visibility A purpose-built design feature of the ESET interface allows analysis of individual parts of each attack, thereby identifying specific attack vectors. 

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Superior protection with 24/7 managed detection & response, combining AI-powered automation and ESET’s world-leading expertise.

  • Get immediate response to threats
  • 24/7 expert-led monitoring, hunting, triage and response
  • Protect your business data and systems from unauthorized access
  • Prevent phishing attempts and malware from reaching users’ mailboxes
  • Automatically track and patch vulnerabilities


Fusion of ESET's world-class research expertise and cutting-edge IT security solutions.

  • Guaranteed, fast response times
  • Qualified ESET staff to manage your security
  • Protect business data and systems from unauthorized access
  • Prevent phishing attempts and malware from reaching users’ mailboxes
  • Automatically track and patch vulnerabilities

Raicam Adopts MDR Solution

Raicam Group, an automotive company founded in 1982, now benefits from a high-performance solution that eliminates any need to acquire or maintain additional internal IT security resources. ESET's 24/7 MDR service allows Raicam to keep track of its network security status without risk of interruption due to lack of staff. The result is a more efficient use of resources, and an improved market position.

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What is MDR, and do you
need it?

Prevention is ESET’s specialty, but in this environment of rapidly evolving cyber risks it’s not always possible. That’s why a more holistic approach, based on managed detection and response, is advisable.

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The ESET Detection & Response Ultimate user experience

Each engagement begins with an assessment of your environment, infrastructure and needs. We create an individual customer security profile that allows us to integrate with your IT security function.

With deep experience in the needs of numerous industry verticals, and experts on call, this is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all service.

Committed to the highest industry standards

ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 According to IDC, ESET is one of the very few vendors who have shaped the industry in 2022 thanks to its industry longevity, technical prowess, research excellence and financial stability.

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ESET is a ‘Top Player’ in Advanced Persistent Threat protection ESET has been recognized as a ‘Top Player’ for the fourth year in a row in Radicati’s 2023 Advanced Persistent Threat Market Quadrant

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ESET among Market & Overall leaders in MDR MDR Leadership Compass 2023

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ESET Managed Detection & Response services

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