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ESET’s Hope McCluskey Once Again Named to CRN’s Women of the Channel Power 100 for 2024

ESET’s Hope McCluskey is honored in CRN’s 2024 Women of the Channel Power 100 for her outstanding leadership in partner marketing and innovation.

ESET North America Announces Leadership Transition

ESET North America announces a leadership transition as President Brent McCarty steps down. Chief Sales Officer Miroslav Mikus steps in as Interim President to lead the next phase of growth.

ESET Research: Ebury botnet alive & growing; 400k Linux servers compromised for cryptocurrency theft and financial gain

ESET Research uncovers the continued threat of the Ebury botnet, revealing nearly 400,000 compromised Linux servers. Discover how this advanced malware campaign targets financial gains through…

ESET Research releases latest APT Activity Report, highlighting cyber warfare of Russia-, China-, and Iran-aligned groups

ESET Research unveils its latest APT Activity Report, highlighting significant cyber activities by Russia-, China-, and Iran-aligned groups from October 2023 to March 2024. Discover key trends in…

Corporate Blog

Prevention-first security begins with data-enhanced insight: Meet ESET Threat Intelligence

Discover how ESET Threat Intelligence empowers threat hunters and incident response teams with actionable data, forming the backbone of a proactive, prevention-first security strategy.

Untangling the hiring dilemma: How security solutions free up HR processes

Discover how HR and security teams can navigate the hiring challenges in the tech-savvy world of EDR and XDR operations. Learn how innovative solutions are transforming HR dilemmas into opportunities…

Employee smartphones, a pack of risks in a pocket. How to minimize your business’ attack surface

Discover how to protect your business from the hidden threats posed by employee smartphones. Learn effective strategies to minimize your company's attack surface and safeguard sensitive data.

Future-proofing PC fleets with the powerful pairing of Intel® Threat Detection Technology and AI-Native endpoint protection

Explore how Intel® Threat Detection Technology, combined with AI-native endpoint protection, is future-proofing PC fleets. Security is now as crucial as performance in today's hybrid work landscape.

We Live Security

News and research from ESET security researchers around the globe.

How Arid Viper spies on Android users in the Middle East – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

The spyware, called AridSpy by ESET, is distributed through websites that pose as various messaging apps, a job search app, and a Palestinian Civil Registry app

ESET Research Podcast: APT Activity Report Q4 2023–Q1 2024

The I-SOON data leak confirms that this contractor is involved in cyberespionage for China, while Iran-aligned groups step up aggressive tactics following the Hamas-led attack on Israel in 2023

Arid Viper poisons Android apps with AridSpy

ESET researchers discovered Arid Viper espionage campaigns spreading trojanized apps to Android users in Egypt and Palestine

WeLiveSecurity wins Best Cybersecurity Vendor Blog award!

The results of the 2024 European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards are in and the winner of the Best Cybersecurity Vendor Blog is... drumroll, please... WeLiveSecurity!

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