ESET security for hosting providers: another way we protect businesses

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At HostingCon 2017, we got a chance to sit down and chat with, “The Authority on Web Hosting,” and be featured in an article they ran recently. It explained why ESET products are a great fit for hosting providers. The article also highlighted ESET’s past – fitting as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year – and painted a unique picture often glossed over about the origins of the technology developed in 1987. We have been securing people around the world for nearly 30 years, and for some, what’s lesser known is our strong businesses and enterprise presence; we have been serving business clients through the channel since 2005, and in recent years our enterprise clientele has grown significantly.

In much the same way that we secure hosting providers’ servers and endpoints in their own data centers and local offices, we also protect web, email, file-sharing and other services hosted in the cloud.

This is important because businesses that turn to hosting services often have a false sense of security. “Some webmasters may take the security of their sites for granted, looking at it as something included in their hosting packages by default,” noted the article. “What many site owners don’t realize, however, is they need to go beyond basic security to effectively protect their sites.”

Beyond Site Security

ESET Partner Community Manager Cameron Tousley was interviewed for the article, and he explained that hosting companies are in an ideal position to spread the word about the importance of security for the sites they host.

Moreover, by drawing on ESET offerings, they can deliver comprehensive security for the customer’s entire business. That includes not only endpoint protection but also data encryption, two-factor authentication, and data backup and recovery. The latter are a result of ESET’s Technology Alliance Partnership, which provides ESET partners with complementary security technologies they can offer their customers. The preselected technologies result in better data loss prevention practices, and integrate the use of automated server backups and patch management. Reducing the number of problems to address, this type of automation saves time and money for IT departments.

Site owners enjoy the benefits of increased security, and hosts gain an important addition to what they offer their customers. The article pointed out that businesses such as Honda Philippines and Mitsubishi Japan use ESET to secure their computers without the system slowdowns characteristic of other security solutions. Offering these attractive solutions allows hosting providers to open up new revenue streams.

New Solutions to Come in 2018

This type of business is nothing new for ESET. In fact, for many years, we’ve delivered solutions for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), who handle security for businesses that want an outsourced solution. Serving hosting providers is a logical extension and another avenue we can use to reach businesses and keep them secure. The opportunity for providers is substantial, because ESET has offerings for every device and operating system. That includes Linux-based hosts, which are often economically priced, resource-efficient and favored by small businesses.

While we deliver the necessary solutions today, we are also on track to provide a solution specifically for the hosting market by 2018. As Cameron shared in the article: “There are a variety of solutions that will likely be released this year and into the next one ... Hosted security solutions will play a big part in that.”