Protecting data in the physical and digital realms with ESET Full Disk Encryption

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BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, November 12, 2019ESET, a global leader in IT security, has today announced the launch of ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE), a new product designed to protect unauthorized access to a business’s valuable data. Available as an add-on to the recently updated ESET remote management consoles – ESET Cloud Administrator and ESET Security Management Center – EFDE is the latest solution to keep a company’s data safe in the event of theft or loss of devices, ultimately keeping data secure in both the physical and digital realms.

Protecting business interests
Physical loss or theft of devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, is a very serious concern for many companies. Aside from the cost of replacing IT devices, the far more harmful outcome is the risk of leaked corporate data. Not only are there substantial penalties under GDPR for sensitive data that is mismanaged, but leaks can also negatively impact business continuity, security, and possibly company reputation.

With a new full disk encryption solution, ESET’s latest software development enables IT administrators to remotely deploy, activate, and encrypt connected devices via a one-click action, thus preventing attackers from profiting off of lost or stolen computers. IT administrators can deploy this solution via both on-premise and cloud-based remote administration platforms. Following deployment, users can monitor and manage the encryption status of data stored on business devices from a single console. This software is available as an add-on feature to the latest versions of ESET remote management consoles – ESET Cloud Administrator 1.2 and ESET Security Management Center 7.1 – both of which have been updated recently to support ESET Full Disk Encryption.

The rise of full disk encryption
Market research conducted by ESET surveying over 100 companies has revealed that 85% of respondents believe full disk encryption to be the most critical feature when considering the different forms of encryption available to protect their business. Furthermore, a report from IDC predicted that, by 2023, the full disk encryption market will be growing at a steady 1.4% per year. These indications lead ESET to believe that business concerns around data protection are increasing the need for easy-to-manage full disk encryption solutions.

“While malware and viruses pose a huge risk to businesses around the world, at ESET we know that this is not the full extent of the current challenges to data protection. This has pushed us to work hard on expanding our portfolio with a new ESET Full Disk Encryption solution, which solves the problem of the loss of business data – now managed from one security management console altogether with other ESET IT security products. ESET Full Disk Encryption is a great fit for companies with basic encryption needs and the ones that are already familiar with our management consoles´ concepts,” said ESET Product Manager Ervín Rendek.

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