Up-to-date security for operations with limited internet access





ESET Micro Updates

Our solutions are suitable for industries with limited internet access or with strict update policies. It is important to keep security updates, and detection engine up-to-date, while balancing the cost and availability of an internet connection.

Why a Micro Updates Service?

Industries with very limited internet access

shipping or transportation
public infrastructure
banking (POS terminals) etc.

Production plants running older hardware or operating systems


Organizations applying very strict update policies


protected by ESET since 2017
more than 9,000 endpoints

protected by ESET since 2016
more than 4,000 mailboxes

protected by ESET since 2016
more than 14,000 endpoints

ISP security partner since 2008
2 milion customer base

Benefit from the following features

Small update size

ESET Micro Updates are very small update files of 250 to 500 kilobytes per week. If for any reason you miss two consecutive updates, thus making a standard weekly update impossible, you can still download a differential update after 4 weeks (comprising around 1 to 2 megabytes). After that, you may resume downloading regular weekly updates as usual.

Distribution and update process

Once a week, ESET generates a special differential update, which contains all the essential changes from the previous week. The latest format is compatible with all Version 3 and later ESET products. The update process is then straightforward – simply unpack the contents of the archive to a mirror directory and update all client computers from that mirror.

Minimal system footprint

ESET software is well known for its small system footprint. This has two advantages: It allows you to use the full power of your hardware, even during scanning and updates; and it makes ESET software fully compatible with older machines.

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Looking for more security options?

安全管理 远程管理可基于云或企业内部部署。

防护 为电脑、智能手机和虚拟机提供先进的多层保护。

安全 对贵公司通用服务器上的数据进行实时保护。

加密 为系统磁盘、分区或整个设备提供强大的加密解决方案,以实现合法合规。

云沙箱 针对零日威胁的主动保护,在隔离的云沙箱环境中分析可疑的样本。

邮件安全 在垃圾邮件和恶意软件到达用户的邮箱之前,将其全部过滤掉。

云应用程序防护 为您的Microsoft 365云电子邮件、协作和存储提供高级预防保护。有一个专门的控制台。

端点检测和响应 高度可定制的XDR能够识别异常行为,并进一步调查,对事件和违规行为作出反应能力。

*只能通过企业内部的ESET PROTECT控制台进行管理

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