ESET Threat Intelligence Service

Extend your security intelligence from local network to global cyberspace

Global knowledge for your security

Targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-days and botnet activities are difficult to discover for security engineers with access only to information from within their own company networks – a bigger picture and deeper intelligence is needed. 

How ESET Threat Intelligence can help you

Cloud-based ESET Threat Intelligence closes the gap between the cybersecurity information that security engineers get from their own networks and the cyberspace intelligence that ESET collects worldwide.  

With ESET Threat Intelligence, you get detailed: 

  • Targeted malware early warning
  • Botnet activity report
  • Real-time Data Feeds and API
  • Automated sample analysis

ESET´s global early-warning system

Our cloud-based detection and prevention system, seeded by more than 100 million sensors worldwide, provides a unique base for the immediate detection of and response to new, unknown or advanced threats.

Get early warnings about threats in the wild and harden your security proactively.

Human expertise, backed by machine learning

The use of machine learning to automate decisions and evaluate possible threats is a vital part of our approach – but it’s only as strong as the people who stand behind the system.

At ESET’s R&D centers, distributed around the world, world-class security researchers pool intelligence to ensure the best round-the-clock threat intelligence.

Security analysts recommend combining a range of security approaches in order to minimize the potential weaknesses that can arise from using a single-vendor security solution. ESET Threat Intelligence does not require that ESET endpoint or server solutions are deployed on the user’s network and thus can be used by non-ESET customers as an additional layer of security.

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