A New Era of IT Security Has Begun

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We have now released worldwide our new range of endpoint protection products and our long-awaited, next-generation ESET Remote Administrator management tool. We put a lot of effort into their design and development. In fact, ESET Remote Administrator has been rewritten and redesigned from scratch.
I want to share our perspective, and in particular that of our development team, on the creation of these products. We’re very proud of the features and concepts that they deliver to you, our users.
We realized that the key to effective remote management is to have access to information and not get lost in it. That’s why we spent a lot of time perfecting and streamlining the GUI. We talked to many of our customers to find out how they are using our existing products and what they really need. As a result, the central screen in the new ESET Remote Administrator is an interactive dashboard that can be fully customized. Administrators can quickly drill down to get more details and easily address any problems. The new ESET Remote Administrator also features comprehensive reporting. The number of report templates and the degree to which they can be customized is quite astonishing.
The new ESET Remote Administrator is designed to be platform-independent. The GUI is web-based, so you can access the management console from any device with a decent web browser, including smartphones and tablets. But that’s not the best part. The server component is now also available for Linux, so companies don’t have to spend money on expensive Windows Server licenses to run ESET Remote Administrator servers and proxies.

A lot of our customers are multinational companies with offices in different countries. With the new ESET Remote Administrator, each office can enjoy endpoint protection in their own language and the central administrator can still make sense of it all thanks to language independence. Logs and information are stored in language-neutral form, so when they are transferred to the ERA server, they are displayed in the language of the management console.
To make life easier, we’ve unified the way you edit configuration on the endpoint and the way you edit policies in the management console. These two editors now share the same look and the same structure, even though one is a Windows application and the other is on the web browser. So administrators will no longer have to search for a particular setting in the policy editor: it will be in the same place as in the endpoint antivirus.


There are many changes under the hood as well. We changed the architecture, to make ESET Remote Administrator more scalable. We can integrate new products easily. This improved performance is important for addressing the needs of our large customers – and their number is growing. ESET Endpoint Security also introduces into the business environment several protection technologies that have proved very effective in our consumer products. Exploit Blocker helps to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities in popular web browsers, PDF readers and other applications. Advanced Memory Scanner is an effective measure against malware that uses obfuscation and anti-emulation techniques to evade detection. Botnet Protection monitors outgoing network traffic for protocols used by bots to talk to their command & control servers and blocks this communication. All of these will improve the security of businesses. The new ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) literally marks a new era in the management of ESET products. We’re very excited about this release and believe that our users will truly enjoy using these new products.Palo LukaChief Technology Officer at ESET