Our top Internet parental control tips for keeping kids safe online

Our top Internet parental control tips for keeping kids safe online

Including tips for parents, tricks for teachers, and free protection against online dangers.


Show this timely cartoon to your kids or pupils

How to survive #stayathome... and even stay sane!

The world has changed rapidly, but we're here to help you stay safe. Let’s start with an easy step: protect yourself and your kids from cyber threats with an extended 90-day trial of our award-winning security.


Home (not so) sweet home during lockdown

Home office, homeschooling, home entertaining... get top tips from security experts and child psychologists who are in the same situation.

Infographic - 7 anti-madness parental tips

Ever dreamt of teaching from your sofa?

Follow advice from experienced IT teachers and your dream won't turn into a nightmare.

Infographic - 9 online teaching tips and advices

Make your private data untouchable

Tips for your peace of mind.

  • Never download streaming extensions
  • Cover your webcam
  • Never click on suspicious adverts
  • Monitor who is connected to your home router

What can you do to protect your family?

Free 90-day trial of full PC protection

Stop worrying about family online activities, with our multilayered security solution.

  • Legendary award-winning antivirus
  • Special browser for online banking and payments
  • Monitoring of your home router and your smart devices
  • Webcam protection


Free trial of Parental Control for Android

Free 30-day trial of Premium version that provides comprehensive online child protection.

  • Manage access to apps and time spent on them
  • Set budgets for apps and games
  • Control inappropriate web content (Premium)
  • Locate your child (Premium)

Are you a teacher?

Spread the word to your colleagues and parents and help protect children online.

Spread the word and share online

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"ESET will continue to provide you with the best possible online security during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET

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