ESET extends its portfolio with VPN and Identity Protection* in a brand-new, all-in-one offering

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In the new offering ESET introduces all-in-one subscription-based protection for individuals and their households.

As digitalization penetrates even deeper into lives across the globe, so does the everyday reality of cyber threats. Email accounts, data on laptops, mobile apps, and even your personal identity have become targets for bad actors. While this problematic situation needs a complex solution, it must be a solution that remains simple enough for everyone, not just those with educations in IT, to manage on their own.

For that reason, ESET has decided to introduce security subscriptions covering the complex needs of individuals and their households.

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Protecting digital lives from one platform

The importance of digital life protection can be illustrated by data shared in the latest 2022 report conducted by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Between 2018 and 2022, the total number of cyber-crime complaints received from individuals and companies around the world rose from almost 352,000 to slightly fewer than 801,000. Total reported financial losses increased from $2.7 billion to $10.3 billion.

Attacks such as fake tech support, personal data breaches, and phishing made it to the top five reported crime types for 2018 to 2022 globally.

The brand-new product, ESET HOME Security, aims to protect from almost all of these cyber threats targeting households, small companies, and self-employed persons.

Moreover, managing digital life protection has never been easier, with the improved ESET HOME platform and subscription-based cybersecurity. 

What are ESET HOME and ESET HOME Security?

ESET HOME is the complete security management platform–a web portal and mobile app for Android and iOS. It serves as a notification hub presenting connected devices as an ecosystem, with their security as a household-level issue.

It offers users a convenient single place for managing their ESET products, devices, licenses, and services while making it all accessible anywhere they go, whenever they need it. Users can activate and renew their subscriptions, add new devices, and download or upgrade security solutions on one platform.

For example, now, when users want to protect their Android devices, they can use the ESET HOME portal on their laptop to manage the installation of the ESET Mobile Security (EMS) app on an Android device, where it is automatically activated and connected to the users’ ESET HOME accounts. Then, if the users want to connect to their ESET HOME accounts from their Android devices, all they have to do is open the ESET Mobile Security app in their devices and connect to ESET HOME in the side-bar menu section. Users no longer have to copy the license key into the app.

The ESET HOME platform also enables users to share subscriptions with friends and family, and to monitor their security status.

ESET HOME Security is a brand new offering, with three subscription tiers for this new ecosystem: ESET HOME Security Essential, ESET HOME Security Premium, and ESET HOME Security Ultimate.

This customer-focused, subscription-based offering also introduces new features to ESET HOME, such as Identity Protection1, VPN, and a newly developed extension of the Browser Privacy & Security feature.

How can you benefit from VPN, Identity Protection and Browser Security?

Due to both our evolving digital lives and today’s cyber threats, the demand for personal online privacy and data protection is rising. According to the 2022 Consumer Digital Life Protection Survey conducted in the UK, US, and France, more than 25% of participants want to adopt VPN and Identity Protection technology in 2023.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a functionality that establishes a private network connection making internet users anonymous. After connecting to the VPN application, the user’s device gets a new IP address, and online traffic is secured and encrypted.

This way, ESET VPN prevents cyber criminals from stealing user data while using public Wi-Fi and makes it more difficult for third parties to track user activity online, while ESET does not keep logs

Benefits & features of ESET VPN

  • Encrypts users’ online activities,
  • Prevents hackers from stealing user data while using public Wi-Fi,
  • ESET has a no logs, no tracking policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth, that allows you to browse, stream or play games without restrictions.
  • Enables geo-restricted content,
  • Users can securely access their home country’s TV shows and movies while traveling abroad,
  • Users can enjoy their favorite streaming services from different parts of the world. Even more features are available on the VPN service while running on desktop, such as DNS leak protection, MAC spoofing, proxy gateway for other devices, and firewall. The split tunneling feature is also available on Android.

Identity Protection1 (IP) is a service providing dark web monitoring that searches for leaked sensitive information previously entered by users. 

For example, if a user is a victim of a mass data breach, they will be notified if the data they previously entered are found somewhere online.

For US customers, the IP feature also includes Credit & Social Security Number Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, insurance up to $1 mil., and on-call identity restoration service. Users will also be notified concerning changes made to credit reports so that they can act against potential misuse of their personal information.

With the new products, ESET also improves the performance of its Browser Security & Privacy features for Windows with the latest browser extensions.

How browsing is protected:

  • Secure Search checks Google results links for phishing,
  • Browser Cleanup cleans cookies, history, and much more from the browser, when either scheduled or on-demand,
  • Metadata Cleanup removes metadata from uploaded pictures to the browsers on Windows,
  • Website Settings Review allows users to easily review and change permissions granted to websites.

What can you find on the ESET HOME platform?

These aforementioned features, tools, and improvements complement the whole ESET security ecosystem for individuals and their households, while all major features are merged into a single space on the ESET HOME portal.

Visual and user experience improvements, such as overall security status, make the portal easy to monitor and manage despite its underlying complexity.

ESET HOME portal features:

  • VPN user access management
  • Identity Protection1
  • Overall Security Status
  • List of connected devices with their security status, and their management
  • List of licenses, their management and sharing with family and friends
  • Downloadable ESET software to protect devices
  • The ability to buy or renew licenses
  • Security, license, and account notifications
  • The ability to login with Google and Apple account
  • Remote connection to suggested devices
  • Anti-Theft
  • Parental Control
  • Password Management and user access management
  • Two Factor authentication

Aiming for an all-in-one, reliable, and convenient solution

The innovative and simplified ESET consumer offering provides enhanced security with attractive feature sets brought by the Ultimate line that go hand in hand with a new modern subscription model.

This illustrates ESET´s commitment, not only to innovating its security solutions, thus keeping pace with malicious actors, but also to meeting customers´ needs for convenience.

1 Identity Protection functionality will be globally available in Q1/2024