New from ESET: Agentless solution for virtual environments

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With the launch of ESET Virtualization Security, ESET now offers an agentless approach to securing your virtual environments in addition to our agent-based solution. Both provide powerful protection, low system demands and easy single console management.

Our new VMware vShield-based agentless solution combines the ESET Virtualization Security appliance with ESET Remote Administrator to deliver ESET’s lightning-fast scanning with single-pane of glass management capability across virtual and physical endpoints. It effectively solves the main problems that companies experience when adopting virtualization, such as unprotected virtual servers, the need for multiple vendors to protect physical and virtualized environments, potential performance impacts and complicated licensing.

ESET Virtualization Security streamlines the agentless protection of all virtual machines and provides high performance security that won’t slow you down. The solution natively supports VMware vMotion and vCenter and is compatible with ESET Remote Administrator 6, ESET’s web-based console, allowing direct drill-down capability to virtual machines for rapid task execution and complete endpoint security management.

Key benefits include:

    • No AV storms: All on-access and on-demand scanning tasks are offloaded via VMware tools to a centralized scanner inside the ESET Virtualization Security appliance to prevent AV storms.
    • Superior performance: VM infrastructure is meant to optimize resources and performance, and ESET's scanning engine delivers. Our low system demands and high speed leave more resources for other applications and processes.
    • Easy deployment: Replacing every virtual appliance is as simple as registering a new security virtual appliance (SVA) within the vShield Manager. Once ESET Remote Administrator— which comes as a virtual appliance too—is installed, ESET Virtualization Security appliances can be deployed on multiple hosts at once.

If you’re looking for a hypervisor-agnostic solution, or prefer more granular controls and additional security features such as Web filtering for your virtual environment, ESET’s agented solution is right for you.

By using ESET’s shared local cache and an endpoint security or server security product, you’ll get the same full set of tools and security features that you would have in a physical environment, plus significantly boosted scanning speed.

Do more with virtualization, protected by ESET. Learn more about ESET Virtualization Security.