Safe Summer Travels: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against a Lost or Stolen Device

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Your personal electronic devices are valuable — not just the device itself, but the data it contains. If it’s lost or stolen, it’s sure to ruin your vacation. You might also lose your identity to a thief. Here are some steps to protect yourself:

  • Lock your phone down with a strong password or PIN, or use the fingerprint lock
  • Preserve any photos, work data or important information on your phone by backing it up before you leave
  • Print out and carry copies of travel documents, confirmations and important phone numbers you might need while traveling so you can continue your vacation — or get home — in case you lose your device
  • Keep your devices close by and in sight at all times — thieves prey on inattentive travelers, and if you let yourself get distracted by your surroundings or the fun you’re having, they’ll swoop in
  • Don’t carry your phone around in your hand unless you’re actually using it; a fanny pack around your waist keeps it snug and secure, and you can still get at it quickly for photo opportunities
  • Don’t put devices in your checked baggage or leave them unattended in your hotel room — and if your room has a safe, use it

If you want to be extra safe, ESET Mobile Security lets you locate, track and lock your device if it’s lost or stolen, lets you send a message to whoever found it, and improves your chance of recovery. You can even erase data on your device remotely to keep a thief who’s stolen your device from prying open the contents. It’s incredibly affordable for the protection it provides.
Take these few extra precautions and don’t let a thief steal your fun.

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