Safe Summer Travels: Special Comic-Con Edition

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Comic-Con is going down again this year in our hometown of San Diego. So if you’re one of the estimated 130,000 attendees who will be here, check out these timely data-security tips so theft or data loss won’t ruin your stay and cosplay fun.

Before you go:

  • If you’re flying, leave valuable items containing personal data such as your smartphone, laptop, external hard drive, USB drive and digital camera out of your checked luggage; pack them in a carry-on instead
  • Don’t bring a fancy laptop backpack or case that announces “contains expensive device” to a would-be thief; carry an inconspicuous backpack and separate protection sleeve instead
  • Update your operating system, applications and antimalware software
  • Make at least one backup of all your valuable data and leave it at home
  • Remove any work-related files from your device that you won’t need to access during Comic-Con
  • Ask your IT department to provide you with a VPN connection if you will be working during your trip
  • Consider encrypting the internal storage on your laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Weigh the need for a cable lock if your laptop or tablet has a Kingston® security slot
  • Turn on the anti-theft features of all your devices
  • Make sure each device is locked with a unique strong password or PIN and is set to lock its screen after being inactive for a minute or two

While you’re at Comic-Con:

  • Make local backup copies of any videos, pictures and recordings to portable backup media such as USB flash drives or external drives, or upload them to a cloud storage service
  • If you have an in-room hotel safe, use it to store your devices or removable media (be sure to test that you can both lock and unlock it first!)
  • Never visit banking or financial sites while on public Wi-Fi; use your smartphone or tablet’s 3G or 4G service instead
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other radio communications unless you’re using them to close off a possible avenue of attack

You’ll be visiting one of the most cybersecurity-conscious communities in the country while you’re in San Diego, but unfortunately Comic-Con’s tech-toting showgoers attract thieves as well. Take our tips and make your trip to San Diego and Comic-Con a memorable one — for the right reasons.

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