Shut your digital door on the latest cyberthreats. Here’s how.

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Worried about criminal hacking? You’re not alone. A recent ESET survey of U.S. adults showed that criminal hacking was rated as the top threat to health and safety—higher than air pollution, fracking, global warming and a host of other issues.

While many people think the seemingly innocuous data stored on their computers, laptops and smartphones is of little interest to cybercriminals, this is not the case. Every year, incidents of identity theft and cybercrime rise as we become increasingly reliant on technology. And with the rise of ransomware, malware attacks have become increasingly harmful. It’s essential to take appropriate steps to implement the highest levels of internet security.

With this in mind, we’ve enhanced our line of ESET consumer products for everyday use to guard against emerging threats and stay ahead of criminals.

The new features in the ESET cybersecurity lineup will essentially keep the door firmly closed to digital threats and block unwanted guests with malicious intent. The advanced suite of products merges low impact on system resources and high performance with ESET’s signature mix of detection, speed and usability.

A more sophisticated solution

Built using three decades of research and innovation in IT security, the flagship products add new features to ESET’s powerful multilayered security to create even stronger products.

One layer includes a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Scanner, which enhances malware detection. UEFI attacks can launch before operating systems or antimalware solutions boot up and can persist after an operating system is reinstalled.

The updated suite also supports the surge in Internet of Things devices (like smart TVs, refrigerators and more) with an updated Connected Home Monitor. This feature offers improved scanning for your smart devices, ensuring that valuable data is protected at all times, no matter which device is connected to the network.

Security at the speed of life

In today’s fast-paced world, security shouldn’t slow you down. With all these product enhancements, you’ll still enjoy the internet without any impact to device performance or speed.

As always, our customers will enjoy free U.S.-based technical support, and there’s no charge to upgrade to the latest software versions. It’s our way of keeping you safe, 24/7/365.

Learn more about ESET’s enhanced home products here.