WeLiveSecurity wins best corporate blog award

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WeLiveSecurity, ESET’s website publishing news, views and insights from our security community, has won the European Security Blogger Awards’ Best Corporate Security Blog award from InfoSecurity Magazine. 

Winners were selected via a combination of votes from the public and votes from a panel of judges.

WeLiveSecurity has come a long way since its launch in 2013. Now available in five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German), the site is visited by hundreds of thousands of readers monthly.

WeLiveSecurity provides readers with the latest news on hot topics, informational videos and security podcasts. Most importantly perhaps, it publicizes ESET’s cybersecurity research from teams across the world and the latest reports on ongoing scams and cyberthreats.

In just the last year, ESET’s research team has published groundbreaking research on Industroyer (the first malware ever found to control electrical substation switches), Petya (whose distribution mechanism came from a Ukrainian accounting software program) and BadRabbit (a variant of Petya). Most recently, ESET published findings on Backswap malware targeting customers of Polish banks.

All of these findings were originally published on WeLiveSecurity.com. Almost 600 of ESET’s 1,600 employees work in research and development, empowering ESET to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and the latest threats.

Publishing research and news on WeLiveSecurity helps the public learn and take action to stay protected against threats. Having such a strong security research arm also helps improve products, ensuring that ESET is defending against the most critical and emerging cyberthreats.