What to expect from ESET’s newly launched enterprise products and services

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If you attended RSA back in May, you probably heard about the upcoming release of ESET’s suite of enterprise solutions.

Today’s the day. Built specifically for enterprise, ESET’s new advanced security portfolio is now available—giving you the ability to predict, prevent and mitigate cyberattacks, not simply respond to them.

These powerful new tools, based on ESET’s 30 years of experience and innovation, add crucial layers of protection while streamlining management and reporting tasks. From our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tool to threat hunting and monitoring, this is ESET’s most comprehensive enterprise offering ever.

ESET Enterprise Inspector is an EDR tool providing real-time data from ESET’S award-winning endpoint security platform. This solution is fully customizable, enabling customers to tailor the solution to their needs, and it provides vastly more visibility for complete prevention, detection and response against all types of cyber threats.

To harness the maximum potential of ESET’s EDR tool, the new suite includes these targeted cybersecurity services: ESET Threat Hunting, an on-demand forensic investigation tool providing detailed accounts of specific alarms or events; and ESET Threat Monitoring, offering around-the-clock monitoring of ESET Enterprise Inspector data for all types of threat alerts.

The EDR tool is also complemented by ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, an off-premise cloud sandbox providing rapid analysis of zero-day and ransomware threats before they reach the network.

Replacing ESET Remote Administrator will be the ESET Security Management Center. This enhanced console provides complete network visibility, full security management and reporting from one control panel—while adding important complexity-minimizing elements to the whole suite.

Lastly, ESET Deployment and Upgrade Service harnesses the tech smarts of ESET deployment experts in order to ensure seamless installation and configuration. You can sit back as ESET does the leg work to get your ESET security solutions up and running in your environment.

For more information, visit the ESET website or contact your authorized technology reseller.