ESET Completes yet Another Hat Trick, winning TREND Company of the Year

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ESET´s participation in the TREND Company of the Year award's chart resembles the Star Wars movie saga, released in two trilogies. The Slovak IT giant has been giving a star performance, too. Following its three wins between 2008 and 2010, ESET has now completed yet another hat trick, gaining the Trend Company of the Year award for the third consecutive year.

With last year's sales of EUR 470 million, again a growth of 16 percent y/y, ESET dominates the Slovak IT sector. Its hegemony is even more prominent when its taxed profit is taken into consideration.

ESET´s continuous growth is linked to two main factors. The first is an outstanding business execution, as the company has clearly been succeeding in finding clients in the complex and evolving IT security environment. ESET generated nearly all its sales in foreign markets, in particular Europe and North America. The company has built up strong business infrastructure over the past few years. Most recently, in 2016 it opened a regional center for German-speaking countries in Munich.

Last year, the company opened an R&D center in Montreal, Canada and in Iasi, Romania. This year the company, together with Canon IT Solutions, established a joint venture, ESET Japan, based in Tokyo. The aim is to increase the company's market share within the country and intensify its cooperation with Canon. The number of ESET´s branches has thus reached 22 worldwide. The company is now represented in more than 200 countries and territories, both directly and through distributors.

ESET has also historically been strong in research and development activitiesthat keep its technologies at the top of the IT security field. For example, the Slovak company holds a record for the number of VB100 awardsreceived from the independent UK testing organization Virus Bulletin.

It has maintained its market positions also due to its proper product management, addressing various user segments. Nearly half of ESET´s sales come from small and medium-sized companies. However, the enterprise segment has been recording its fastest growth. So far this constitutes only eight to nine percent of its sales, which suggests further growth potential.

Source text & photo: Trend Magazine, Slovakia's leading business weekly.