ESET North America CEO Gives Keynote at Largest Security Conference in Argentina

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ESET | San Diego, CA

Keynote focus on "Data Immortality,” Explores the Future of Data and What it Means for Society

The largest security conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 35° Iberoamerican Congress and Information Security Fair Segurinfo 2015, was held recently kicking-off with a keynote presentation from ESET North America CEO Andrew Lee.

Lee’s captivating presentation titled, "Immortal Data - The Future of Everything," was presented in front of a full house, and exposed a future where we will inevitably live in a recorded and registered society, where everything will be captured.

Lee discussed the idea of everything around us being managed by data in the future, and the amassed power in the hands of those who hold that data. Many thought-provoking questions were posed by Lee such as ‘what will it be like living in a society where everything you say and everywhere you go is captured?’ and ‘will anonymity be possible (or desirable)?’

During the presentation, Lee also presented the impact that the exposure of personal information has and how it may be exploited by cybercriminals. He also explored the implications of these changes in society and technology.

“What happens if now threatening someone with immortality is worse than threatening them with death?” suggested Lee. “If I tell you I’ll never give you medical insurance, or I’ll never erase that criminal record, I’m talking about records that cannot be erased, which are eternal.”

All this allows us to be more and do more, Lee said, but we must be sure that this benefits us and is not a practice whose only result is that more algorithms are created to share our information. As Lee said, “Privacy is the new frontier of security. Ironically, more transparency will create improved privacy, if we know how they work and what they are used for, so we can control them”.

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