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Cybersecurity insurance is smart for business. But as the number of incidents and costs of ransomware and data extortion rise, so do the insurance requirements and coverage costs.

Bottom line? The more security you put in place before applying for coverage, the better your chances of approval — and likely, the lower your premiums will be.

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Products to lower your cyber-risk

ESET Cyber Insurance Solutions

Surveys indicate these are some security measures cyber insurance providers require to qualify for coverage.

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  • Modern Endpoint Detection (Next Gen Antivirus) ESET’s Endpoint Security combines strong malware and exploit prevention by leveraging ESET’s multilayered approach incorporating machine learning, advanced behavioral analytics, big data and human expertise.
  • Endpoint Protection & Response (XDR/MDR) ESET Inspect enables the ESET Protect Platform to deliver extended detection and response (XDR) via granular visibility, risk assessment, incident response, investigation and remediation.
  • Multi-factor authentication Easy-to-use, mobile-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that will protect your organization from vulnerabilities caused by weak passwords and unauthorized access attempts.
  • Mail security with Advanced Email Filtering ESET Mail Security provides an additional layer of security to organizations that want to prevent threats from ever reaching users mailboxes.
  • Annual Cyber Risk Training with Phishing Simulation Training Educate your workforce on common phishing methods, online scams and cybersecurity best practices.


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The better your score, the more likely you are to qualify for coverage, and the lower your premiums could be.

Featured resources



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Cybersecurity insurance protects companies from damages or liability resulting from data breaches and malware attacks.


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Meeting cyber insurance requirements—a guide for Enterprises

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EDR and cyber insurance for the financial sector

EDR improves threat detection, monitoring and incident response, helping financial institutions qualify for cyber insurance coverage. Discover why ESET Inspect is the right choice for the financial sector.



Meeting cyber insurance requirements—a guide for financial institutions

Cybersecurity insurance protects companies from damages or liability resulting from data breaches and malware attacks.



New criminal tactics: how the cyber insurance landscape has changed

Examine where cybercriminals see new opportunities to strike, the directions ransomware will take, and the implications for cybersecurity insurance policies and coverage.


Cyber risk insurance requirements

Considering a cyber insurance policy? Here are five common security requirements and the ESET products that support them.



Cyber insurance—how to meet security requirements

Many companies are looking to procure a cyber insurance policy to mitigate their damages in the event of a cyber attack.



APT activity report T3 2022

Learn about the activities of selected APT groups from October 2022 until the end of March 2023.

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