ESET Full Disk Encryption

A powerful encryption managed natively by ESET PROTECT console. It increases your organization's data security that meets compliance regulations.

  • Encrypt system disks, partitions or entire drives
  • Manage from ESET PROTECT Console
  • Deploy, activate and encrypt devices in a single action

Explore features

All products managed from one console

ESET Full Disk Encryption works within the ESET PROTECT console, helping administrators to save time thanks to familiarity with the existing management environment and concepts.

Fully validated

Patented technology to protect data for businesses of all sizes. ESET Full Disk Encryption is FIPS 140-2 validated with 256 bit AES encryption.

Powerful encryption

ESET Full Disk Encryption encrypts system disks, partitions and entire drives to ensure that everything stored on each PC or laptop is locked down and secure, protecting you against loss or theft.

Cross-platform coverage

Manage encryption on Windows machines and native macOS encryption (FileVault) from a single dashboard.

Add additional devices at any time

You can increase the number of devices covered by your license at any time.

Single-click deployment

Manage full disk encryption across your entire network from a cloud‑based console. ESET PROTECT single pane of glass allows admins to deploy, activate and manage encryption on their connected endpoints with a single click.

Password policies

Admin can set mandatory password attributes, number of passwords retries, and expiry period. From a policy setting it is possible to grant a user the option to change their password whenever they want to.

System requirements