Protect your family from unwanted content with parental control

What is parental control?

Parental control allows parents to restrict their children’s use of electronic devices. Restrictions typically take the following forms:

  • Content filters block access to age-inappropriate or other objectionable content
  • Usage controls place time limits
  • Computer-usage management restricts or enforces use of software
  • Monitoring tracks location and device activity

Why you need parental control

Most parents are concerned about their children's computer use for a variety of reasons. While computers have become a major part of life for kids, so are doing homework, participating in various activities and playing outdoors.

Online predators frequenting chat rooms and social pages are a concern, as is access to adult-oriented or other inappropriate sites. Sometimes innocent searches turn up not-so-innocent results.

How to discuss online safety with your kids

How ESET parental control works

Web Guard

Allows you to block inappropriate websites and web categories; Application Guard lets you filter app access by child’s age.

Fun & Games time budget

Lets you decide when kids can use their devices for play, and enables you to set maximum time usage per day.

Child Locator and Parental Messaging

Shows your child's mobile device location any time; lets you send a message which must be acknowledged to continue using the device.

Parental control can be found in the following ESET products:

For Windows

ESET Internet Security
Advanced antivirus

For Mac

ESET Cyber Security Pro
Advanced antivirus

For Android

ESET Mobile Security
Antivirus for Android devices

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Did you know?

Children aged 8-12 spend an average of six hours a day consuming media, with mobile devices accounting for 41 percent of screen time. Teenagers spend nine hours day consuming media, with mobile devices accounting for 46 percent.

Common Sense, The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens, 2015