Multilayered security

Our global research labs drive the development of ESET's unique protection.

Various core ESET technologies come into play of detecting and blocking a threat at different times on a protected device:

Real-time Scanning
Ensures that all installation files and installed apps are automatically screened for malware. You stay well-protected against online and offline threats including viruses, trojans and ransomware.

Scheduled Scan
Schedule a regular scan for malware at a convenient time – overnight or while the phone is charging if desired.

Security Audit
See which of your apps has access to what information on your smartphone or tablet. Also monitors sensitive device settings that can lower security such as Debugging Mode that can allow a connection to the system via USB.

On-demand Scanning
Whenever you suspect foul play, run a scan on your phone. It takes place silently in the background, without interrupting your ongoing activities. Access logs and detailed scan results to check for detected threats.

Security Report
Gives you a monthly insight into how ESET protects your device. The report gives you information about the number of scanned files, blocked web pages and much more.

Automatic Updates
Constant updates of your virus signature database.