Comprehensive protection

ESET protects your sensitive data, online payments, passwords, smart home, webcam and your children using:

Protects your privacy and assets against attempts by fraudulent websites to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking details, or feed you fake news from seemingly reputable sources. Protects you from homoglyph attacks (replacing characters in links with ones that look similar but are actually different).

Banking & Payment Protection IMPROVED
Features a special secured browser mode through which you can safely pay online and run any supported browser in secured mode by default (after setup). Automatically protects you while internet banking and accessing web-based crypto-wallets. Encrypts communications between the keyboard and the browser for safer transactions and notifies you when using the feature on public Wi-Fi. Protects you from keyloggers. The “SecureAllBrowsers” mode is activated automatically for all compatible browsers.

Network Inspector improved
Enables you to test your home router for vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords or out-of-date firmware. Provides you with an easy-to-access list of router-connected devices (smartphones, smart devices) with improved device detection to show you who’s connected (device name, IP address, MAC address etc.). Enables you to scan smart devices for vulnerabilities and gives suggestions on how to fix possible issues. Offers the possibility to mark a network as My network (only for trusted networks).

Botnet Protection
An added layer of security that protects against botnet malware – preventing your computer from being misused for spam and network attacks. Benefit from a new type of detection thanks to Network Signatures, for even faster blocking of malicious traffic.

Secure Data (Encryption)Premium
Lets you encrypt files and removable media (e.g. USB keys) for ultra-secure safeguarding of your data and then you can be decrypt them on any Windows device. Protects against data theft in the event of USB-key or laptop loss, and allows secure collaboration and data sharing.

Device Control
Allows you to prevent unauthorized copying of your private data to an external device. Allows you to block storage media – CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and disk storage devices. Lets you block devices connecting via Bluetooth, FireWire and serial/parallel ports.

Expands user-level security in the case of a lost or stolen device. Using modern technologies such as geographical IP address lookup, web camera image capture, user account protection and device monitoring Anti-Theft may help you prevent access to your personal data and locate your computer or device if it is lost or stolen. Anti-Theft lets you see what activity is taking place on your computer or device, making it easier to track down.

Parental Control
Gives you the option to choose from predefined categories according to the age of your kids. Lets you set a password to protect settings against modification as well as prevent unauthorized product uninstallation.

Webcam Protection
Constantly monitors all the processes and applications running on your computer, to see which ones want to use your webcam. It alerts you to any that unexpectedly try to access your webcam, and lets you block them.

Prevents unauthorized access to your computer and misuse of your personal data.

Network Attack Protection
In addition to Firewall, automatically protects your computer from malicious network traffic, blocking threats revealed by dangerous traffic patterns.

Keeps unwanted emails from clogging your mailbox.

Password Manager PREMIUM
Helps you store and organize passwords, automatically fill in forms and generate extra strong encrypted passwords. All you need to remember is your master password. You can also logout from every website and secure your browsing history remotely, stay informed about your account security with Security Report and receive security alerts when your passwords are at risk. iOS face detection is integrated and two-factor authentication (2FA) with Google Authenticator can be incorporated to further improve your passwords’ security. Download password manager