ESET Unveils Small Business Cybersecurity Survival Guide for National Small Business Week

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Last week was ESET North America has released a Small Business Cybersecurity Survival Guide in support of National Small Business Week, celebrated in United States of America from May 4th to May 8th, 2015. This unique resource outlines the biggest risks small businesses face and how they can best defend themselves from the latest cyber threats.

“As we celebrate National Small Business Week, it is important to recognize that even small-sized businesses face the security risks as they are often perceived as an easy target,” said Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET. “Small businesses handle the same sensitive data that cybercriminals target in larger organizations, so it is imperative for even the smallest organizations to make cybersecurity a top priority.”

In response to the growing demand and necessity for cybersecurity policies, ESET created their Small Business Cybersecurity Survival Guide to share strategic advice from security experts on what precautions small businesses should take to protect themselves and their customers’ private data from falling into the wrong hands.

While cybersecurity may seem intimidating to some, the guidance that ESET outlines in the new guide is as easy as knowing your “ABCs” and includes:

  • Assess your assets, risks, resources – Understand all possible targets and threats. 
  • Build your policy – Spell out protective measures and ensure leadership prioritizes security.
  • Choose your controls – Decide what appropriate tools are needed to enforce a security policy.
  • Deploy controls – Ensure protection methods are in effect and are appropriate for the business. 
  • Educate employees, execs, vendors – Spread awareness and gain the buy-in of the full team.
  • Further assess, audit, test – Ensure regular evaluation and additions to policy in place.

Download ESET’s comprehensive Small Business Cybersecurity Survival Guide here
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