ESET Survey: US, Germany, UK, Russia – Majority Bank Online with Some Kind of Protection

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, has commissioned a series of surveys of online banking habits among Internet users in four nations: Britain, Germany, Russia and the United States.* As confirmed by these ESET surveys, Brits are the most security-savvy when it comes to online banking, with 77.5% of them doing so only when they have a security solution in place. ESET commissioned the surveys to coincide with a time of the year beloved by all passionate online shoppers, as offers proliferate on Cyber Monday (November 30).
ESET surveys conducted in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia confirm that a majority of Internet users in all four countries use software protection when banking online. This is especially true for British users, 77.5% of whom say they have a security solution in place, even more than their American, German and Russian counterparts. On the other hand, a surprisingly high number of users in Russia “don’t know” (21.5%) if they have any protection installed.
ESET’s topical blogposts, published on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, present other data on users’ online behavior. These are particularly interesting because at this time of the year users make more frequent financial transaction on the web and are therefore a tempting target for cyber criminals. Detailed findings can be found in topical blogposts published on both and ESET news portal, along with handy national and comparison infographics about the trends.
The surveys, for instance, document differences in the way people use online banking. Whilst German (64%) and Russian online banking users most often use online banking to make payments, Americans (72.8%) and Brits (77.6%) most often just check their account status.
The statistics also show that people mostly trust their home connection for such purposes – users in the West (around 80%) slightly more than users in Russia (57.3%). Compared to this, more than one in four Russians (26.7%) is open to using a mobile broadband connection for his or her Internet banking.
A higher level of security can be achieved with the help of ESET Smart Security 9, and its special Banking & Payment Protection feature. This provides the user with a secured browser window, allowing him or her make payments online in a safe and protected environment.
For more information about the surveys and comparisons, read our blogposts and statistics at or
* The surveys were conducted during Q3 of 2015 on a demographically representative sample of at least 1,000 Internet users in each country. Surveys were conducted in the UK, US and Germany by Google Surveys, and in Russia by Merku.

In the specific breakdown on how online banking is being used and about habits, we address only percentages from the group of online banking users.

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