Protect Your Kids Online With Parental Control By ESET

The internet is a vast and sometimes scary place. With children using smartphones, tablets and computers to access the internet from an increasingly early age, young internet users need adult supervision and reliable protection more than ever. Access to the internet and social media platforms doesn’t have to be all or nothing for your young ones and teens, with the correct use of online protection software, you can relax knowing that they are protected from potential threats and security risks online.

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Why use a parental control app?

From creating healthy digital habits from a young age with good screen time management to ensuring mental and physical safety from potential cyberbullying, grooming, phishing scams, and personal information theft, parental control software that works for you and your family is a must. ESET Parental Control is a family-friendly Android app that helps you keep your kids safe online and as a bonus also includes a Child Locator function for peace of mind

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The basic version is free to download with extra features available when you upgrade to Premium. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Application Guard: Manage the suitability of apps and set time limits so that you have control over what they are using and for how long. This feature is great for establishing healthy internet habits and self-control from a young age.
  • Web Guard & Safe Search (Premium): These features ensure that only allowed web content will be displayed to your child so that you can rest easy when they need to browse the web or access websites for homework and free time.
  • Child Locator (Premium): This feature lets you check the current location of your kids for peace of mind. It allows you to create personalised zones and set up alerts via Child Locator with the Geofencing feature so that you are alerted when your child goes beyond your set locations.

In addition to these amazing features, there is so much you can do including setting time limits for apps, managing the daily budget for apps, as well as access usage reports for apps and web use. Premium users can enjoy full activity reports, safe search and web guard features to ensure safe internet browsing for youngsters, as well as the incredible child locator function with Geofencing features.

Get peace of mind today, try ESET Parental Control for free with our 30-day trial here