Keep Your eMail Safe And Secure With Easy-To-Use Software

Mail scams are on the rise posing a significant threat to both personal and business email users. Awareness is a crucial part of keeping your email account safe from cybercriminals. By knowing the risks of online security threats and how you can protect yourself from prevalent emails scams you can prioritise email security.

The growing threat of email scams

Online anonymity and ease of mass emailing make email scams like phishing attacks an appealing choice for fraudsters and have also contributed to the ever-increasing threat of email scams. Online criminals prey on peoples fears and uncertainties during volatile times. Email attacks and scams have been on the rise since Covid-19 and continue into the current challenging economic climate.

Common email scams to be aware of

Phishing Emails
Phishing emails are deceptive emails impersonating trusted entities, aiming to extract sensitive information like passwords or credit card details and often contain urgent language and links.

Safety tip: Banks and similar secure organisations will never ask you to provide login or account information by email. Avoid clicking on links or responding to emails.

Advance Fee Fraud

Advanced Fee Fraud (AFF) is when scammers promise users large sums of wealth in exchange for a small upfront fee, never delivering on their promises.

Safety tip: Trust your instinct. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fake Charities
Fraudulent charities emerge during crises, diverting donations for personal gain.

Safety tips: Dontate to well-established organisations you can trust.

Why is Email Security so important?

Keeping your email accounts secure is critical. Email security is no longer optional; it's a necessity. Protecting your personal and professional information from theft and unauthorised access safeguards your professional reputation and keeps confidential information safe. It is also crucial to protect your contacts, both personal and professional, from falling victim to scams that have used your compromised email.

Stay safe with the ESET Mail Security feature

Prevention is the best solution, which is why the ESET Mail Security feature is designed to protect your users and their email by preventing spam and malware from reaching their inboxes in the first place.

ESET's Mail Security feature is available in a host of our solutions to eliminate e-mail-based attacks with multilayered antispam, anti-phishing and host server protection technology. In addition, it also prevents zero-day threats with the features of advanced thread defence that protects against ransomware and new, never-before-seen threat types that use adaptive scanning, machine learning, cloud sandboxing and in-depth behavioural analysis.

Find out more here about this easy-to-use feature that also boosts business efficiency through rules and automation.