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Digitalisation and expanding digital presence can boost revenue and productivity for small and medium enterprise (SMEs). These efforts ensure business continuity in the event of disruptions, like pandemics. However, some SMEs may have security concerns.

3 major concerns that hinder a business from adopting digitalisation:

Fear of increased risk of company systems and data being compromised

Lack of cybersecurity training and knowledge amongst IT administrators and employees

Employees working remotely in a less secured environment

Businesses must have the capability to protect and manage their endpoints, as they digitalise.

This can be done using the "3D" approach:"


cybercriminals from compromising organization IT infrastructure, by enforcing security policies
at endpoints through
an easy-to-use remote


never-before-seen malicious malware and activities at endpoints with an automated detection security solution.


endpoints and data with comprehensive endpoint solutions that automatically respond to and block detected threats.


Implement the “3D” approach for businesses easily, with ESET PROTECT ADVANCED, our comprehensive remote workforce protection solution.

This bundle comes with advanced solutions that provide your business with dynamic protection against cyberattacks

Endpoint Protection

Defend endpoints and servers from malware attacks.

Our endpoint solutions detect and block malware that attempts to evade detection using obfuscation.

Full Disk Encryption

Provides powerful encryption to protect the data in endpoint hard disks.

Our full disk encryption solution prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands if company device get lost or stolen.

Cloud-based Sandbox Analysis

Prevent unknown cybersecurity threats with our automated detection and response solution.

We use a cloud-based sandboxing technology to detect never-before-seen threats, responding to them automatically.

Cloud or On-premise console

Manage security for all endpoints and servers with our easy-to-use, web-based console.

With this, your business can remotely manage endpoint security and enforce security policies from any location, without using VPN or incurring additional hardware cost.

Solutions for Enterprise

Scale up your digitalisation efforts securely

Large enterprises understand the importance of expanding and improving digital operations and services, as it boosts productivity. It also ensures business continuity when disruptions like pandemics occur.

However, an organization's digitalisation efforts can be impeded by:

New vulnerabilities caused by the increased adoption of new internet-enabled devices

Remote workers who are working in a less secure IT environment

Legacy IT infrastructure that is highly vulnerable to exploits

Organizations must develop the capability to protect and manage all internet enables endpoints
both locally and remotely. This can be done using the “3D” approach:


cybercriminals from exploiting vulnerabilities resulting from digitalisation, by enforcing security policies on all endpoints.


malicious activities automatically by implementing an automated detection security solution with machine-learning and behaviour-monitoring capabilities.


endpoints by deploying an endpoint security solution which provides the remediation capabilities needed to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts


Implement the “3D” approach for businesses easily, with ESET PROTECT COMPLETE, our comprehensive dynamic endpoint, email & cloud application protection solution.

This bundle provides powerful yet easy-to-manage protection, incorporating cloud sandboxing as well as leveraging machine learning and behavior-based detection. It includes:

Endpoint Protection

Defend endpoints and servers from malware attacks.

The new generation ESET Endpoint Protection Platform combines strong malware, exploit and ransomware prevention to defend your enterprise digital systems and data from malicious activities.

Cloud or On-premise console

Manage the security of endpoints and servers from a web-based console.

It provides real-time visibility for on and on-premise endpoints, as well as full reporting for ESET solutions on all OSes. All features can be managed from one single pane of glass.

Full Disk Encryption

Provides powerful encryption to protect the data in endpoint hard disks.

Our full disk encryption solution prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands if company devise get lost or stolen.

Cloud App Protection

Preventive protection for cloud-based applications such as email and storage.

 A powerful combination of spam filtering, anti‑malware scanning and anti‑phishing capabilities.

Cloud-based Sandbox Analysis

Prevent never-before-seen cybersecurity threats with our automated detection and response solution

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is a cloud-based sandboxing solution. It evaluates the behavior of all submitted samples with threat intelligence feeds, multiple internal static and dynamic analysis tools, and reputation data to detect unknown threats. Results are updated to all endpoints to proactively prevent future attacks.


Over the years, ESET received countless positive reviews and evaluations from end-users, leading tech-analysts and independent testing organisations. We are committed to providing our customers with the best cybersecurity solutions against the latest advanced persistent threats.

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