12 Epic Encounters between Parents and Technology That Prove You’re Not Alone

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It’s probably been going on since children in ancient Mesopotamia marveled that their parents couldn’t get the hang of this newfangled invention called the “wheel.” Parents struggle to keep up with tech, while their kids struggle to keep a straight face.

What’s different in the modern era? The way the travails of technology can be documented so richly, thanks to screen-grabbing, smartphone-camera-toting, online-commiserating offspring.

But don’t be too smug: After all, these are the people who taught you how to eat with a fork.

Want to bring your parents up to speed, tech wise? Here's a handy guide on how to have "the talk" with them.

Conspiracies everywhere - If the technology doesn't work, it's the kids' fault...or maybe foreign-government hackers.

You gotta admire 'em - Even online, they're still figuring out ways to embarrass you in public.

But if I push it, it might explode - Sometimes the simplest hurdles are the hardest to get over.

Wait, wait don't tell me - Next, the phone call asking how to unlock it.

Why is my computer so slow - Even parents are tempted to do things they'll regret later.

Fixing the internet - Yup, your mom raised a genius.

Aw, you shouldn't have - You're an adult now, but they're still teaching you how to share.

But an A for effort - Admit it, you're proud they got it to work.

Missing the obvious - Sometime the solutions to life's greatest mysteries is just behind the router.

I know it's here somewhere - When searching for that email you sent gives them flashbacks to your room in high school.

You're a wiz, kid - They never have to know the truth.

Parental tech support axiom #237 - Your level of frustration is exceeded only by their ability to put you in your place.

At ESET, protecting technology users of all generations against malware and security threats is a serious business. But these foibles and miscues remind us why we do what we do: to help everyone enjoy safer technology.

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