ESET Smart Security Premium awarded “Best Security Product of the Year” from Digital Citizen

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The multi-layered and powerful internet security solution - ESET Smart Security Premium - recently earned an impressive five-star rating and the title “Best Security Product of the Year” from Digital Citizen, an online publication that helps consumers identify top tech products.

Surpassing 14 other commercial antivirus products on the market, ESET Smart Security Premium was awarded for its fast and efficient antivirus engine, powerful firewall module, seamless user interface and innovative Home Network Protection feature.

All products under consideration for the Digital Citizen award underwent rigorous testing, which factored in download and installation experience, integration with Windows, browsers and universal Windows platform apps and, finally, ease of use and configuration.

Digital Citizen’s “Best Security Product of the Year” highlights if ESET Smart Security Premium include:

  • Fast, efficient antivirus engine provides protection against all types of malware.
  • It has almost no adverse effect on your computer’s speed and performance.
  • Includes a powerful firewall module that protects your computer and devices against all types of network threats.
  • Easy-to-use interface for beginners and experienced users alike.
  • Bundles useful additional tools: parental controls, a tool for encrypting files and removable media, a password manager that uses AES-256 encryption, a ransomware shield, webcam protection and banking & payment protection.
  • This year’s ESET Smart Security Premium adds an innovative protection feature called Home Network Protection. This tool is both useful and educational as it teaches home users how to secure their networks by improving the settings of their wireless router. This tool scans your router for vulnerabilities like weak settings or passwords and tries to identify whether it was hacked. At the end of the scan, it offers useful recommendations for improving the security of your home network. This feature also provides you with a useful list of the devices connected to your router, categorized by type. When new devices connect to your network, a generic notification is displayed, letting you know, so that you can react if unauthorized devices are connected.