ESET Launches 2014 Editions of ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro

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San Diego, CA

Key functionalities in the new 2014 products include a new Anti-Phishing module and an improved ESET Social Media Scanner, which extends protection to both Facebook™and Twitter™.  

“Fast, efficient and effective, our new security solutions for the Mac platform allow customers to enjoy the same small system footprint, ease of installation and user-friendly experience expected from ESET,” said Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America. “We are excited to offer improved anti-phishing technology, our upgraded social media scanning tools and many other enhanced features that provide users with the most comprehensive protection from advanced malware threats on the Mac platform.”

Anti-Phishing Module

ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro better protect Mac users and their devices against identity and data theft using an advanced Anti-Phishing module.  ESET protects against phishing attacks by using the same database of phishing sites as it does for its ESET Windows®and mobile products.  The products detect cyber attacks and any attempts by fraudulent websites to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, social media accounts and banking credit card credentials from users. In 2013, thanks to the new Anti-Phishing module, ESET has blocked 45,000 phishing attempts per day on average,  helping to prevent the potential loss of personal data stored in user accounts or on devices.  The improved Anti-Phishing module also earned a Gold Award by the indipendent testing organization AV-Comparatives for blocking 99% of phishing websites.

Social Media Scanner

ESET has launched an advanced version of its Social Media Scanner to protect users and their friends from malware with on-demand and automatic scans of Facebook and Twitter accounts. The ESET Social Media Scanner also gives users insight into their current privacy settings and suggests improvements. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, more than half of U.S. social media users are unfamiliar with their social media privacy policies.**

Cyber Security Training

ESET provides a series of complimentary cybersecurity training modules to all ESET customers. The educational series features real-world cybercrime scenarios presented in an approachable and easy-to-understand format.  ESET customers can take advantage of the learning by logging onto

ESET has developed a site that tracks the development of Mac malware, which can be viewed in detail at the ESET Straight Facts about Mac Malware microsite.  Although the number of malicious programs and successful infections are small compared to those affecting Windows devices, it is clear that the issue of Mac security needs to be taken seriously, according to a report by AV-Comparatives.*** 

The new Cyber Security products are compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, OS X® Mavericks and include a number of improved native functionalities and settings to deliver an overall Mac-like feel. This combined with the low system demand, comprehensive detection and proactive protection are integrated into all ESET products.  

Both products are available now, with ESET Cyber Security starting at $39.95 and ESET Cyber Security Pro starting at $59.95. The products can be purchased online at and through various retail outlets and ESET partners.

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About ESET 
ESET® is on the forefront of proactive endpoint protection, delivering trusted security solutions to make the Internet safer. For over 25 years, ESET has helped customers get the most out of their technology by creating a more secure and trusted online experience with antivirus software for consumers and endpoint security solutions for businesses.  Award-winning ESET NOD32® Antivirus technology has detected 100% of the WildList Organization “In-the-Wild” malware samples since testing began in 1998. ESET has received over 75 VB100 awards and consistently earns high ratings from AV-Comparatives, Virus Bulletin, AV-TEST and other independent testing organizations. ESET NOD32® Antivirus, ESET Smart Security®, ESET® Endpoint Solutions, ESET® Mobile Security and ESET® Cyber Security (solution for Mac®) are trusted by millions of users and are among the most recommended security solutions in the world. IDC has recognized ESET as a top-five corporate anti-malware provider.

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