• Calling All Parents - Cyberbullying (School)

    Bullying isn't just limited to schools. (You're a loser)

    It follows your kid everywhere. (Do you know how stupid you are?)

    It's easy for your child to become a target and easier online. (everyone…

  • Calling All Parents - Online Safety

    In partnership with San Diego Police Foundation's SafetyNet Program

    Sponsored by ESET & COX Communications


    Dear Mom and Dad

    If you care about me you'll stop watching this screen and start…

  • ESET Mobile Security on "The Morning Show"

    Owner/Founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Sharon Vinderine appeared on Global Toronto's ""The Morning Show"" to discuss back to school tech products and tools for younger children. In…

  • San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Internet Heroes

    "We went to Comic-Con International and asked cosplayers what the internet means to them and the importance of staying safe online. 1. What is your character's internet superpower? 2. What would you…

  • Who's Your Internet Hero

    We went to San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 and asked "Who is your internet hero?" Now we ask you.



  • Internet Heroes at Comic-Con 2014

    We're here at Comic-Con International 2014 exploring the best of Comic-Con and learning what these superheroes love about the internet.