ESET Highlights New Products and Cyber-Threats to Business @ Mobile World Congress

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ESET®, the pioneer of proactive protection, will again showcase the best of its award-winning and test-recognized solutions for mobile platforms and businesses at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors can take their own look at ESET’s just-released app to help parents protect their children in cyberspace, ESET Parental Control for Android; its flagship security solution for Android, ESET Mobile Security; and its new, tailor-made program for Managed Service Providers. In conjunction with the start of the Mobile World Congress, ESET will release its paper on business security, based on surveys of hundreds of IT experts and managers. ESET, already a well-known name at the Mobile World Congress, will be located in Hall 5, Booth B05. The largest expo for the mobile industry starts on February 22 in Barcelona, Spain.
Ahead of the Mobile World Congress, ESET is releasing the collated findings of surveys that it has conducted among attendees of various IT expos, as well as of ESET’s own EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and worldwide series of ESET Security Days, during 2015. Altogether, around 1,700 IT professionals in 11 countries and regions of EMEA were surveyed.
One of the most notable findings is that malware infection are reported as the most frequent security incident, as mentioned by 58% of all respondents. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that firms are not paying enough attention to mobile security, with only 21% of them using a mobile security solution. This is a topic that will be addressed by ESET during the congress.
“The size of the firms seems to be a significant factor when it comes to the variety of IT security solutions implemented. Bigger firms came out of the survey as more responsible, investing more money in keeping their sensitive data and systems protected,” concludes the paper, based on survey data. For more about the findings, download the report or read the blogpost on
Product-wise, the biggest highlight for ESET at the congress will be its latest app for Android – ESET Parental Control, which helps parents ensure that their children can enjoy their mobile devices safely and appropriately. It adds another layer of protection for Android users, alongside ESET’s flagship mobile product, ESET Mobile Security, which has just received a major endorsement, by emerging top in a test by Germany’s Stiftung Warentest. Starting with the Mobile World Congress, ESET will be celebrating #MobileWeek with 50% discount on ESET Mobile Security with premium features, available globally on Google Play.
ESET will also be sharing news about its business solutions for Managed Service Providers, and about ESET Secure Authentication, its secure access solution.  
The editor-in-chief of, ESET’s research and news platform, Raphael Labaca Castro, will be holding presentations twice daily at ESET Mobile World Congress booth on the mobile threatscape, about ESET’s 2015 business surveys report, as well as about Android Ransomware on the Rise, a white paper which will be made public ahead of the congress by the ESET Research lab.
Mobile World Congress attendees will be able to get a first-hand look at ESET products, witness live demos and talk to ESET experts, product managers and high-profile names from ESET’s top management. ESET, the largest IT security vendor based in the European Union*, will highlight its continuous and unbroken growth which, according to Gartner, continues at a faster pace than that of the industry as a whole
For more information about ESET at the Mobile World Congress, check our special page; for press inquiries, please contact our EMEA PR office.
*  ESET is ranked among the top 5 security software vendors in consumer security software and endpoint protection platform market by market share according to Gartner:
ESET was ranked as 5th Largest Endpoint Security Vendor in 2013 and grows 23% - 6x the market growth rate, reports IDC in their report titled ‘Worldwide Endpoint Security 2014-2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares’ from August 2014.

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