"ESET is committed to providing the best possible security and prevent COVID-19 in our community." 

Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET

Dear customers, partners and community,

As the Covid-19 virus pandemic continues to develop and affects people’s lives around the globe, we want to ensure you that we are committed to continue providing you with the best possible security during these uncertain times, implementing all necessary measures to keep ESET services working fully and ensuring the safety and health of our employees.

We understand that your priority at the moment is to keep your life and business as normal as possible and you can rest assured that ESET products and services will continue to protect you from the digital threats and risks so you can focus your attention on maintaining the continuity of your business and activities.

ESET has been here for you for over 30 years and we strive to maintain the reputation we have built. We are utilizing all available options for online collaboration in order to keep most of our staff safe working from home while serving our customers online. Moreover, we are also providing protective measures for the minority of our employees who need to be physically present at our premises.

Since the situation around the world has worsened considerably in the last few weeks and governments and businesses have started to implement restrictions to mobility and regular activities, we’re paying extra attention to publishing the most recent news and recommendations at our WeLiveSecurity.com portal on how to continue to work in a safe way. I recommend that you check those resources regularly to learn about cybersecurity risks during the current unprecedented situation.

Feel free to contact our local ESET teams with any question or concern you might have and visit our website for more information regularly as we are going to be implementing additional measures to ensure you are receiving the best protection. Additionally, our Customer Care and Technical teams continue to operate at full power and they are ready to assist you, as always, through our Support page.


Richard Marko

Chief Executive Officer