ESET Home Security is powered by

Multilayered Security Technology. To secure the digital lives of our users and tackle the ever-evolving threat landscape, ESET uses multilayered technology that goes far beyond basic antivirus. Backed by over three decades of innovation and threat intelligence research, ESET LiveGuard combines advanced machine learning, AI, and cloud technology to combat targeted, new and never-before-seen threats—quickly and without hassle.

Artificial Intelligence. ESET has proudly embraced AI-based technologies since the late 1990s. By constantly innovating and integrating the latest in artificial intelligence and deep learning models, we keep our solutions powerful, up to date and easy to manage. In technical terms, this technology includes transformers and their derivatives, the ever-evolving field of graph neural networks, field-tested convolutional neural networks, and tree-based algorithms.

Human expertise is critical to a high-performing and proactive solution. We house 13 Research & Development centers worldwide, with over 175 experts in our research labs and significantly more in our Technology division. This includes researchers, reverse and machine learning engineers, developers and other specialists to ensure the highest level of protection, the lowest possible number of false positives and minimal impact on device performance. Security without slowdown.