7 ways to make your phone battery last longer

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Every year smartphone manufacturers improve their phone technology to ensure you get the latest and greatest features that money can buy. But as more efficient energy must be stored in such small packages, one of the biggest challenges users face is battery health and longevity, leaving you wondering how to make your battery last longer.

Fortunately, there are preventable reasons phone batteries die quickly, and there are ways to maximise battery power with a few small tweaks and by installing the best mobile antivirus. But first things first, it’s important to pinpoint exactly why it’s happening.

Reasons why your phone is draining so fast

Surely, you’ve been in this situation before: you’ve just left home, sent some messages, accessed maps, answered a quick call, and you notice that your phone’s battery is draining quickly. And over time, the phone’s battery life seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

This could be due to a few things:

  • Your device is getting old
  • Background apps such as health and calendar apps could be functioning without you realising
  • The display brightness is always high
  • Malware or viruses may be affecting the battery power
  • The modern apps on your phone are consuming more and more battery

Whatever the reason is, there are a few ways to prolong the battery life on your phone. 

How to Make your Battery Last Longer

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your phone battery:

  1. Dim your screen
    Disable your phone’s auto brightness and manually reduce the screen brightness to as low as possible. The screen brightness is a big energy drainer so you’ll see some significant energy savings doing this.

  2. Disable Vibrations
    Your mobile phoneuses the battery to rotate a physical mechanism in order to make it vibrate. This requires a fair amount of energy so it’s a good idea to disable it completely to lengthen battery time. These small sounds and vibrations all add up so selectively switching the phone into silent or ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for periods of time is an alternative strategy.

  3. Disable GPS/Location Services
    When it comes to energy, communication between your device and satellites is costly. GPS constantly updates when in use, stops your battery from going into power saving mode and is processor intensive. If you’re not using your smartphone’s GPS, disable it for considerable savings in battery consumption.

  4. Keep your battery cool
    Don’t leave your phone in the sun. If the phone’s battery is damaged by heat it will lose its capacity to store energy. This, along with a few other tricks, is how to keep iPhone battery health at 100, and the same goes for Androids.

  5. Turn off Bluetooth
    Like GPS, Bluetooth is regularly active. It searches for devices in the vicinity it can connect to, and hence uses energy to do so. Even though it’s not as much of a battery hog as GPS, you should see a small amount of energy being saved if you disable them.

  6. Disable Auto-sync, Background Data and Background App Refresh
    This feature on your device allows apps to be active even when you’re not using them. They can use location services, sync data or send you push notifications. Depending on the apps you use, these types of apps can use a large amount of data and drain a battery quickly. Unless you absolutely need this feature, disable it.

  7. Don’t use ultra-fast chargers
    Try to keep your phone topped up, but avoid using chargers that claim to charge your phone very quickly. Funnily enough, the higher charging voltage will reduce your battery’s life and reduce it’s  energy storage capacity.

  8. Install the best mobile antivirus
    Many users are concerned that running antivirus software will drain phone battery life, but actually, it’s malicious apps running in the background that can drain the most energy. It’s crucial to ensure your phone is clear of such software to keep your battery life afloat. Plus, having sensitive data compromised can be quite dangerous, which is where mobile antivirus comes in.

    So if your low battery has you wondering, ‘does my phone have malware?’, and you want to know how to secure your phone from hackers, then it may be time to sort this out and save battery life. Mobile antivirus like ESET Mobile Security would help protect your mobile against viruses.

Keep your phone safe now

Our phones are a big part of our lives, and having the battery die is often a huge disruption. Having the private data on your phone compromised is also inconvenient and potentially dangerous, so whether you have an iPhone or an Android, look into ESET’s range of award-winning malware protection, anti-theft, and privacy protection features. With a 30-day free trial for mobile security, you can feel safe and preserve battery life as soon as you’re set up.