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Enjoy safer mobile experience with our Android security

Powerful Antivirus

Secures your device against cybersecurity issues, including viruses and trojans.

Payment Protection Premium

Provides extra security when you use financial apps to access your money.

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Proactive Anti-Theft Premium

Helps find your lost or stolen device and protects your valuable data.

Safer Kids Online! – See the tips for a safe online experience.

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Enjoy these features for free, upgrade to Premium anytime.
  • Antivirus
  • Real-Time Scanning
  • Security Report
  • Activity Log
  • USB On-The-Go Scanner


Premium features are available 30 days for free in trial version.
  • All freemium features
  • App Lock
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Proactive Anti-Theft
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Automatic update of virus database
  • Network Inspector
  • Security Audit
  • Payment Protection

* The feature set might vary in web and Google Play version of ESET Mobile Security

ESET has been awarded with the AV‑TEST Certificate

ESET has been awarded with the AV Comparatives Certificate

ESET Mobile Security Product Features

Malware has traditionally been targeted at desktop PC operating systems. However, with the rapid growth of smartphone use across the globe, viruses, trojans and other forms of malware are now being written specifically to exploit weaknesses in mobile device operating systems.

The Best Antivirus for Android

Consistently rated as the best antivirus for smartphone users with Android devices, the ESET Mobile Security app offers an outstanding level of protection against all manner of threats, including viruses, trojans and spyware. Our powerful mobile security suite is available in both free and Premium versions and will protect your phone 24 hours a day. Install ESET Mobile Security now to:

Protect Against Malware – With smart and in-depth scanning options, malware is quickly identified and dealt with.

Block Potential Threats –  Real-time scanning and anti-phishing features, along with insecure Wi-Fi network warnings, help to block potential threats before they have the opportunity to harm your phone.

Protect Your Online Privacy – With app locks, security audits and the ability to send a coded message to wipe your phone in the event it is stolen, the ESET Android security app offers industry-leading privacy protection.

Secure Your Phone’s Data – All of the above-mentioned features make our app the best mobile security solution for protecting the data that is stored on your phone.
Secure Online Payments & Online Banking – The premium version of our mobile phone security app provides added protection for online banking and payments.
Track Your Phone if It Gets Stolen – In addition to real-time tracking, the proactive anti-theft functionality locks your phone down securely in the event it is stolen and enables you to delete all data if it cannot be recovered.

Despite being a fully-featured mobile phone antivirus solution, ESET Mobile Security will not slow down your smartphone. It is designed to use a minimum of resources while providing the maximum level of protection possible. Quite simply, it's the best mobile antivirus suite available for Android users today.

Antivirus for Android FAQ

How does mobile antivirus work?

An antivirus for phone users, such as ESET Mobile Security, includes many features that are designed to prevent malware from reaching mobile devices and if it does, to eliminate it before it has the chance to do any harm. These aims are achieved with sophisticated real-time scanning functionality in combination with a continually updated virus definition database and comprehensive security audits that identify weaknesses in your phone’s defences.

Do phones get viruses?

The type of viruses seen on desktop PCs, which replicate and spread to other devices at an alarming rate, are not seen on smartphones. However, there is a variety of malware that falls under the category of viruses, which can be a big threat to mobile phone users. In short, while traditional PC viruses do not spread to phones, there is malware that is designed to achieve similar aims, which is specifically designed to target Android and iOS phone users.

How do I check my phone for viruses?

The fastest and easiest way to check your phone for viruses and spyware is to install a free mobile antivirus app now and perform an in-depth scan. Widely considered as the best antivirus for Android smartphones, ESET Mobile Security can be downloaded and installed in just a couple of minutes and will enable you to check your phone straight away.

How do I know if my phone is being hacked?

You may notice symptoms such as a slowing down in your phones operating speed and a general deterioration in responsiveness but some hacking attempts produce no visible symptoms. However, if you learn how to check for viruses on phone operating systems, you can discover any problems as soon as they occur.

What to do if my phone gets hacked?

If your phone is hacked, the first thing you need to do is to find and destroy any malware that has been installed. This can most easily be done by installing a fully functional mobile security solution and running an in-depth scan immediately.

Do I need an Antivirus on my phone?

If you arrived on this page because you searched ‘how to scan my phone for viruses’, then yes, you should definitely consider installing a mobile antivirus solution today. In addition to the practical features that will protect your phone from malware in the future, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing everything possible to stop potential threats from reaching your device.

What’s the best mobile antivirus?

In our opinion, and that of many industry experts, thebest antivirus for Android phones currently available is ESET Mobile Security. It is lightweight, uses very few resources and is highly effective. But please don’t take our word for it: download our free mobile antivirus app now and try it out for yourself.

Secure all your Android devices
in 1 shared license

Secure all your Android devices in 1 shared license

With the premium license of ESET Mobile Security, you can also activate the premium version of ESET Smart TV Security as long as it was purchased through Google Play and both devices are associated with the same Google account.

Manage and maximize your digital security with ESET HOME

  • Download or renew your licenses or add new devices from one place Download the right protection for your operating system. Add extra seats to your license when necessary.
  • Remotely check your overall protection status Monitor the security status of your devices in real-time and receive important notifications at all times. Only for Windows and Android OS.
  • Share protection with family and friends Share your digital security with just a few clicks, still conveniently billed and monitored from your account.
  • Android and iOS mobile app Get immediate access to your licenses and information about the security of your Windows and Android devices wherever you are.

ESET Mobile Security for Android is a solid choice for protecting your smartphone or tablet with its top-notch malware protection and huge array of anti-theft and privacy-protection features.


With ESET’s updated antivirus, anti-theft and security audit capabilities, users are provided with extensive security protection that other antivirus applications don’t offer.


ESET provides a comprehensive security product, which impressed us with its well-implemented features.

AV comparatives

System requirements

Android 6.0 and higher

Device RAM 512+MB
Touch screen (minimum 480x800px)
Processor: 500+ MHz ARM7+
Internet connection
Google Play and Accessibility services

Dual SIM and rooted devices are not supported. Some features (for example, Anti-Theft) are not available on tablets that do not support calling and messaging.

* Some feature functionality is OS version dependent.

Download ESET Mobile Security for Android

This product is available as a free download. Premium features are available free of charge for 30 days after the activation. After this 30-day period, you can either purchase a Premium license or use the Free version indefinitely.

Due to new restrictions in Google Play, the ESET Mobile Security features that require SMS and call services permissions are not available if you download ESET  Mobile Security for Android from Google Play. for more information, visit our documentation .

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Download from Google Play:

Includes premium features 30 days for free.