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ESET protects against Petya, WannaCry and other ransomware cyber-attacks.

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This is why you need malware protection…

Since 2016, more than 1.1 million ransomware threats have hit Australia, and that number is rising!

23 days — the average time it takes to fix an attack (if it can be fixed). Do you have time and money to waste to have your PC down?

The impact of malware, especially the Petya and WannaCry ransomware, can be debilitating and have far reaching implications to your daily life, both financially and emotionally. 

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How Petya ransomware works?

On June 27, 2017, a ransomware cyber attack known as Petya (detected by ESET as Win32/Diskcoder.C Trojan) began spreading rapidly around the globe.

Petya ransomware attacks a computer's MBR (master boot record), a key part of the startup system. If Petya is successful, it will encrypt the whole drive

You’ll then get a message that your files have been encrypted, and that a ransom be paid to release them. This malware is too dangerous to risk infection, once the system gets infected it can't be recovered even after paying the ransom.

How WannaCry ransomware works?

On May 12, 2017, a ransomware cyber attack known as WannaCry (detected by ESET as Win32/Filecoder.WannaCryptor.D) spread rapidly across the globe. 

Like the Petya ransomware attack, WannaCry encrypts all of your PCs files, effectively locking them up and making them unavailable.

A ransom is demanded in the form of Bitcoin in exchange for restoring access to your PC and files. The price for unlocking your data and hardware increases with time. So, If the payment isn’t made by the deadline, the computer is rendered permanently inaccessible.

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How ESET protects you against Petya, Wannacry and other Ransomware

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Shield

Helps keep your data safe — ESET Ransomware Shield detects and blocks Ransomware that tries to lock you out of your personal data when your Windows system is attacked.


Network Attack Protection

Keeps your home network secure — ESET Network Attack Protection prevents your PC from becoming a source for spreading malware or ransomware if there is a Windows security breach.

Cloud Malware Protection System

Cloud Malware Protection System

Defends your system with up-to-date information — Your PC will have the latest up-to-date virus signatures to proactively detect and prevent ransomware cyber attacks like the Petya Virus and WannaCry Virus.

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EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker

Checks the operating system (Windows) to see if it's patched against the vulnerabilities exposed by the latest Petya and WannaCry outbreaks.