ESET Threat Intelligence Service

Extend your security intelligence from local network to global cyberspace

Global knowledge para your security

Targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-days e botnet activities are difficult to discover para security engineers with access only to inparamation from within their own company networks – a bigger picture e deeper intelligence is needed. 

How ESET Threat Intelligence can help you

Cloud-based ESET Threat Intelligence closes the gap between the cybersecurity inparamation that security engineers get from their own networks e the cyberspace intelligence that ESET collects worldwide.  

With ESET Threat Intelligence, you get detailed: 

  • Targeted malware early warning
  • Botnet activity report
  • Real-time Data Feeds e API
  • Automated sample analysis
ESET Threat Intelligence

ESET´s global early-warning system

ESET Threat Intelligence - Cloud

Our cloud-based detection e prevention system, Consulteded by more than 100 million sensors worldwide, provides a unique base para the immediate detection of e response to new, unknown or advanced threats.

Get early warnings about threats in the wild e harden your security proactively.

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Human expertise, backed by machine learning

The use of machine learning to automate decisions e evaluate possible threats is a vital part of our approach – but it’s only as strong as the people who ste behind the system.

At ESET’s R&D centers, distributed around the world, world-class security researchers pool intelligence to ensure the best round-the-clock threat intelligence.

ESET Threat Intelligence

Security analysts recommend combining a range of security approaches in order to minimize the potential weaknesses that can arise from using a single-vendor security solution. ESET Threat Intelligence does not require that ESET endpoint or server solutions are deployed on the user’s network e thus can be used by non-ESET customers as an additional layer of security.

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